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Clutch your coccyx all you want to, honey.

I'm so excited that your adoption application is in the mail! Yay! Congrats and smooches.


Sorry to hear about your assbone, but glad to hear about the adoption application. Congratulations!!


Oh, hey, man, you're golden! Good hair and adoption underway! Who cares about having your ass in a sling?

Except you. You care. I guess that's understandable.


Jo, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times--cardboard boxes do NOT make efficient stair sleds.

I hope your assbone feels better soon, no BUTTS about it.


Congrats on submitting your app!

Too bad about your ass. Was it because you were hanging from the chandelier? Again??


Congratulations on getting your application sent off. Sorry to hear about the tailbone. Been there- it's not fun.


but very exciting that your application has gone out-congrats!


sorry to hear that. I too suffer with teh coccyx--osteopathic manipulation seems to do the trick most of teh time. Sometimes they have to do a internal manipulation--ky and gloves outside of the RE's office!

Take care,


I believe mailed-off adoption papers and good-looking hair are the precise cures for an aching tailbone.

Or something like that.


Well, here's hoping that whatever you got the achy-ass from was well worth it.
Congrats on mailed papers-- I would advise against going into details about aforementioned ass injury during upcoming adoption proceedings. But that's just me.


Jo, if your ass got any badder it might destroy Tokyo. But having your application in the mail and great hair, that I'm cheered to hear.


Congratulations!!! (on your application, of course, not that mysterious tail injury).

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