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God bless you for this.


so, no definitive answer? because texas is fucking hot.

the best thing i've been able to find is dance capris, but those get hot, too--not as bad as bike shorts, and they don't ride up quite so badly, either. is what i'm talkin' about.


Oh my goodness, bless you for this. Since getting knocked up 13 weeks ago, my never-had-a-space-to-begin-with thighs have suddenly reverted to eighth grade proportions, and two Sundays ago I had the painful, rashy revelation that skirts were, as of TODAY, verboten. But now I will try Squeaky Cheeks. Thanks!


oOhh hooohoo, I am chortling in reminscent memory of the last 33 years of gapless chafing and all the methods you've described, including the granny girdle and subsequent donut. I lived in bike shorts through high school. Anything slippery made me break out in a heat rash. Oh cursed flabby inner thighs.

Thanks for the product recommendation. When I did a search for "lotion reduce chafing" it came up with useless results as "flibbertigibbet boogers", a connection I still can't understand (but giggle about nonetheless).


I second the "texas is fucking hot" comment. Have you tried that stuff that they've been advertising on TV - made by one of the feminine hygiene companies? (sorry, but my mind is on a temporary vacation and that's the best description I can come up with.) If not, would you be willing to guinea pig again?


And here I thought that I was only one cursing Sarah Jessica Parker and her gappiness.

And Georgia is pretty fricking hot, too.


I saw a commercial yesterday for some stuff made 'specially for stopping the sweaty chafing by GET THIS: monistat. I'm gonna try it soon as I get my chubby thighs to the drugstore. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for this post (and your whole blog actually, since I can't remember if I've ever posted before.)

Cat, Galloping

My husband wants to know why I'm laughing so hard but I'm too embarrassed to tell him, plus I'm laughing too hard. But not too hard to head right on over to Thanks for the road test!

And for any of you thinking bike shorts or nylon or the like, I have only two words for you: yeast infection. Weight your choices carefully...


My sympathies for your chafing issues. In sheer desperation, I once used plain cornflour (corn starch?) to stop chafing. It worked really well.


I love Gold Bond Powder, but it's probably cancer-causing in that area, too.


Wow, thanks for the reviews! i've always just been a bike shorts girl, but I like the idea of not so hot! I'm checking out the squeaky cheeks now.




I didn't even get all the way through your post before I visited the seller.

It's WAY hot (and sticky, bad combo) in North Carolina!



But do you remember that Gold Bond Medicated Powder commercial that opened up with an unflatteringly lit elderly woman proclaiming, "I had an itchy, itchy RAISH!" -- ?

And then they ran the list of things you could use it for -- including psoriasis and tetter?

But the real reason not to use it (or most other medicated baby powders) is that they contain -- yes -- LEAD.

For real.


Thank you for doing all of this research. (And if anyone tries that Monistat stuff, I'd be interested to hear how it compares.) The only thing is that I'm not sure I'd actually WANT my cheeks to be squeaky. That sounds like it would hurt, too. Or is it a product FOR squeaky cheeks? That makes more sense, so I'll go with that.

The other thing I've been doing lately is wearing those "skorts" - looks like a skirt but has shorts underneath. If they're lined up just right it really helps, and I still get to look like I'm wearing a skirt. They only come in short skirts, though.


Swear to G-d, the last time you wrote about this I saw an ad for Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, and thought, "Hmmm, wonder if she knows about this stuff?"

Got to be worth a try - their commercial alone had me sold for you.


Okay, don`t laugh -- it worked for me, but it might not work for everyone: BALMEX. And if it doesn`t work for you, you can use it up later, where it`s meant to be used -- on your baby`s butt.


What about Butt-paste? They sell it at walmart and pharmacies....It doesn't have an unpleasant odor and it's pretty cheap, too.


Okay, Jo...I bought the stuff by the makers of is called Soothing Care. I love it so much I actually did a blog entry about it!

If you don't want to read it, however, I will just say that it has saved my life, if not just my skin. It works wonders, has barely a scent, and has the best texture, and it LASTS!!! I had been meaning to tell you about it (I remembered your chafing issues) but I thought you had it resolved. Sorry! It's GREAT!


I sit here... in the Northern summer clime of Vancouver, Canada... and I am simply awestruck... overwhelemed with a relief that is matched only by the time that I discovered that a very disturbing looking red/raw blemish on my nether regions turned only out to be a spider bite.

You see... I had absolutely no idea... none... that there were even ONE other person who develops an angry thigh-rubbing rash... to hear that(gasp!) this is relatively common? Well... I'm simply flabergasted. I cannot describe the self-loathing I encountered every time I'd ever felt that itchy, soon to be painful skin rubbing sensation between what I perceive to be my ample thighs. "Surely," I thought... "...this serves as testament to my status as an overweight sloth."

Ah... I feel such an indelible relief... that I swear I hear the birds chirping and the breeze rustling the pretty summer leaves outside the windows of this tall glass tower I sit in.

Thank you. Thank you, all.


Thanks for all the reviews. I wonder if diaper rash type stuff might help? Have you ever tried like any calendula/weleda stuff?


I second the calendula recommendation. This summer I started using the calendula ointment which I originally bought for a breast feeding related nipple rash I had for a while. My reasoning is that one moist, rashy area is the same as another moist, rashy area. And I was right. It's more of a lube thing than a absorbing thing, but that's ok. I would recomment reapplying every few hours if you are actually going to be outside. I've also used aloe vera gel, and corn starch (with some tea tree oil) with varying results. I'm thinking at this point, the best option is lipsuction.


I am SO GLAD I am not alone here.

Also, I will try the Monistat stuff, and the calendula stuff. Hey, who doesn't love product?


You are a goddess. Bought biking shorts and a light girdle this weekend, but will totally check out some of these other options! Do tell once you've tried the monostat stuff :=)


Thank you so much!

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