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Wow. The look in Stephen Colbert's face as he mentioned Bush's standing on rubble and in flooded town had nothing to do with comedy.


Oh.My.God. We don't get C-span in Aruba, and I had heard about the Dinner, but I didn't know it was this good.

That was simply beautiful. I agree with Annie, there were parts in his speech were he was absolutely not trying to be funny.


Rock. On.

That was the best thing I've seen in months.

I wish I'd seen it on cable where the picture was better, because I would have loved to have seen the look on a few people's faces just a little more clearly.


I about sh!t myself when I read a partial transcript of Colbert's routine over at Eschaton! I made my DH read it, and I told him that I think Stephen Colbert has the biggest balls in America. He probably has trouble walking, they're so ginormous. Vive le Colbert!!!


I'm surprised he hasn't been shot in the face yet.


I loved it!

I am surprised that no nasty little accidents have befallen him. Yet.

Brooklyn Mama

Oh, man, that was good.
He had an opportunity, and he took it ON.
My new hero!

Cat, Galloping

That was awesome. Thanks.


My husband was just telling me about it this morning. I'll watch this evening when I get home (can't from work), sounds brillant.

another Amy

Awesome. I love how Bush politely laughs at the jokes at first, but then a point comes along where he's just not laughing anymore. Thanks for posting the link. I'd heard about it, but kept forgetting to look for the video online.


I really hope he has a big life insurance policy. I love him for doing this. Talk about faith in action.


I think that Stephen Colbert may be a hermaprodite. Balls aren't enough for that kind of nerve, he's got some ovaries down there too.


He may have displaced Jon Stewart in my affections.


I heard this replayed on a local radio station (Chicago area) and about fell over laughing and sputtering out, Hell yeeah! I almost couldn't tell if it was actually real or not. Like other commenters have said, what huge...uh, guts, this guy must have.
The sad part is, it was so witty and backhanded...most of it probably had to be explained in private to Bushie later, lol!

I am totally, totally shocked at how buried and overlooked this has all been though. Well, maybe I shouldn't be so shocked, but still. It is just toooo good! Maybe everyone is too up in arms over the Immigration debate right now to care?

Midwestern Deadbeat

WOW. Thanks so much for the heads-up and the link. That was amazing.


Wow! That was incredible. Stephen Colbert is a true patriot.

It looks like the Washington Post, at least, is talking about it--posted about an hour ago:


I had a mini-crush on Jon Stewart, but I am so in love with Stephen Colbert. I truly am. I wish I could date him. Haven't felt this strongly about anybody since David Bowie in my teen years.


I watched this earlier today, and yeah. WOW. Can't believe it! Also can't believe that the media is BURYING the story. Bush's face at the end was AWESOME.


That was wonderful. But for an administration so good at controlling the "liberal" press, what the hell were thay thinking inviting him to speak in the first place. So glad they missd the boat on that was!


Jo, the Colbert commentary is absolutely hilarious. Since one good link deserves another, here is Columbia Business School's take on the Bush administration's fiscal policy:


jo, are you ceska/ceskaamerichanka? if i have reader's comprehension right now (i'm on glass number 4 of vino, kicking tertia's ass, jeckweicz)you're saying you are? i've commented before under the name "jaine, the americanized version of jana -- " it's just been a long time...

this monkey has gone to heaven and bed.


additionally, bush at the end...f-ing PRICELESS!


Great link, Ariella.

Jana, I am not, but one time I did go to the Czech Republic, where I was repeatedly taken for Swiss, German, and Canadian, probably because I wasn't bellowing at the natives in carefully enunciated English. (You could spot the Americans a mile away, both because of that, because they tended to walk down the street talking REALLY LOUD, and because of how they were dressed.)

Oh, and I found this:


Stephen Colbert is my hero. But I'd still dump him for David Bowie in about a second.


Oh my God. Thanks for posting this... I started a new job last week and haven't been blog reading, news reading, or really watching TV. Though clearly that shouldn't have mattered, considering the media buried this.

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