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Oh dear, I'm emailing you again this week. And... once I'm DONE with this dissertation thing, (YUCK, I can't take it anymore) I'm driving down I-76 so we can get together somewhere... zoo, Smith playground, etc...

But it would be *so* exciting if you did get knocked up, wouldn't it? I'm beginning to check out your archives... fun reading. Will it be weird if I comment? (yeah, I guess it will)... anyway... your previous post "made me" go to Target and I *almost* tried a couple of dresses. But I really cannot spare 40 bucks right now :-(


So there may have been an accident involving your (absolutely unharmed cat), as she appears to have closed the door to the litter closet and remained outside it for the night. I looked around and couldn't find any products of said accident but...I'd check, if I were you.



That cat. It was deliberate. Why I eyes ya, indeed.


Looks a lot like my system for siortng papers. Wish that I was motivated to use those cute little folders but that is just too much work for me. I do have to give myself a teensy bit of credit because I did do some organizing the other day and filed away some papers that had been lying around for months.

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