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September 23, 2010


I SAW the moon, in all its pink glory! And I immediately called home to tell my son to see it (K just told me he couldn't because it was behind the hill :-( ).

In any case, I was going to say "waitaminute, you already talked about the Lemon thing" BUT, I totally understand why you'd mention them again. Maybe I should totally blog about them. because...

See, word of mouth works, and I bought it. At a discount store, of all places (my super-duper-favorite Christmas tree shops). The one I got is the one with just lemon & no sweetener, which is perfect to add to other juices -- I love it in 100% grape juice. In any case. It's great and they SHOULD be kept in business.

now, pizza in the hut (for Sukkot), that's hilarious! I'd never heard the expression, obviously, but it does make perfect sense.

And... you're very, very welcome. Sometimes I wish you had easier to navigate archives, cause I would have gone all "Proustian" on you (catching up on the lost time before I became a regular reader when you picked up a fight with Kateri & reading ALL of it), but... yeah... I'm so glad to have met you online and in person. Blogging rocks.

Word of mouth works! I never try new things. I'm such a creature of habit, but I will certainly be throwing this in the cart the next shopping trip. Especially since their site is so freakin' specific on where to find it.

Location in Store
Baking aisle near Splenda

Products Available
True Lemon and True Lime 32 count


I'm mostly a lurker anymore but damn that stuff looks good! I'm totally buying some after the first :)

Hmmm. I make my own lemonade, AND this True Lemon stuff is only sold at a grocery store I don't ever go to. Not because I have anything against them, except for maybe their prices which tend to be a teensy bit ridiculous. But I am thinking of getting some ANYWAY, just because you asked and also because when I said I make my own what I really meant was every couple of years I actually remember and make one batch and once it's drunk up we don't have lemonade again for two or three years.

My boss used to call Sukkot 'hut day.' I've never heard 'Pizza in the Hut'!

I think I am going to try this! Husband and I drink a lot of crystal light raspberry lemonade, so maybe this will be a good substitute. Thanks!

No congregation I've been a part of has done Pizza in the Hut, that's awesome. Or maybe it's very wrong, I'm torn.

I just ordered samples of the lemonade. Very excited to see more stuff with stevia. Zevia soda was sadly disappointing with its skull rupturing sweetness.

No, thank YOU.

I have long been a fen if the true lemon and lime packet but had NO idea they had lemonade sticks! I will have to hound my local grocer to get some. YUM! I love limeade though and frequently make it with true lime packets and stevia packets and a bunch of ice.

Yeah, I re-posted because the stuff disappeared from the store for several months -- and then reappeared, this time at Kroger instead of pricier Harris Teeter. I was afraid they'd gone out of business!

Lilian, the archives are the standard Typepad archives -- if you click on the word "Archives" above the chronological listing, it takes you to a list of all the months of the Modernity Ward; but if you want to look at the original archives you have to follow the link to the old blog and then do the same. But you can start from the very first month and click through, a post at a time. I am thinking of migrating the blog, but...ugh. Big project.

Thanks for the lemonade recommendation, I will definitely look for that. I get stuck at work where my beverage options are water, umpteen bazillion sodas, iced teas, and "juices" sweetened with HFCS, coffee, $5 bottles of Naked juice, and a single flavor of sugar-sweetened snapple (which I don't even like). Lemonade packets would be perfect to keep at my desk.

We missed the harvest moon here because it was raining. Booo.

Yes, saw Harvest Moon. I wish I'd planted my moonflower vines a bit earlier as they are not open yet and it would have been magnificent under a Harvest Moon. However, they will open in a week or so and exude the most amazing perfume at night (that's when they open only).

Where do I buy TrueLemonade in these here Nash Vegas parts?

And dang girl, you get around to just about every thrift store in a 60 mile radius. Seriously, I've been reading you and mentally noting that you've found all the good place and then thinking to myself, but that's hours and hours of driving from East Nashville! How do you find the time? And also, good for you for finding all these great places. But man, the gasoline and time.

Again, where do I find this lemonade? Whole Foods? Kroger?

I got mine at Inglewood Kroger (the less awful Kroger in E Nash). It was with the Crystal Light.

Re: thrift stores: There's nothing more than 12 miles from my house, and I only go to one cluster per trip. So Habitat is on 8th Ave right near the Wedgewood exit off 65. Madison Goodwill is up in Rivergate, a place to stop if I have to go anywhere else up in Rivergate (fabric store, Target). That one's good for clothes, and about a 20 minute drive if I take the highway. The other really good one is the Charlotte Ave. Salvation Army a bit west of White Bridge. Also conveniently located right off 40, and between two Targets and near a Big Lots, about 25 minutes from my house by highway. Oh, and that one is just up the road from the bigger Southern Thrift, which is a for-profit but pretty well curated. There's a smaller Southern Thrift on Gallatin Road but it's kind of weird and cramped.

The Music City Thrift up Gallatin Road in Madison occasionally has some serious furniture gems, but is pretty hit-or-miss. I don't usually bother.

Here's how the circuit works: On the days I have to do something in West Nashville, I hit the Sal's on Charlotte, Southern if there's time. The days I have to do something in Madison or Inglewood, I can hit the Madison Goodwill or the Southern; the days I need to go through downtown I can go to the Habitat store. I might go two months without a thrift trip, but if I'm looking for things I try to make one of the above circuits per week. There's also a small Goodwill within walking distance of my house.

Believe me, after finding the grocery stores, it was my top priority as a new Nashvillian to get a mental map of the worthwhile thrift stores!

Thanks for the True Lemon tip. We are lemonade lovers here, but I hate getting stuff that's really sweet/expensive/chemical-y. My Minneapolis purchase won't keep it stocked at your Nashville Kroger, but it might help keep the TL company in business!

P.S. Just did the store locator thingy and the store 3 blocks away popped up. Win! :)

Thank you ! I started reading back in 2005...I was living overseas, with no family, approximately 2 friends, and a toddler that was being evaluated for autism...while my husband was away at war. I found you when I started doing research (that's how I cope) about infertility on behalf of one of those two friends. I stayed because reading your blog ( and waiting for Sophia along with you !) was like an escape from my own loneliness and an edumacation all at once. I hardly ever commented, because even if you wrote, I still very much felt like an intruder, peeking in where I wasn't invited, probably because I wasn't the one with infertility issues...but anyway, enough talking. Thank you for continuing to write and share.

Yeah, typepad archives, not too much fun to browse. I've done it a few times, though... And I think I started reading back in 2005 too, yeah.

We did not have Pizza in the Hut, but we did sing "We all live in a Sukkah made of Greens" to the tune of Yellow Submarine. All 7 verses, composed by the the Rabbi.

Nice, Jessica!

Mmmmmooon. And thank you for writing.

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