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August 12, 2012


What a stunning victory. This comment is in total straightfaced sincerity. So soon after such intense struggles, that you could stick it through that nasty discomfort and somehow keep a couple of millimeters' distance. I am impressed by you, pleased on your behalf.
that said--it must still kinda be a suck experience.

Thanks, lady. :)

Your ability to cope with this impresses the crap outta me. Well done!

That sounds like excellent progress! really! I'm happy for you too!

Aw, thanks, guys!

I have to say: Everything was a suck experience before. Now it is a USABLE suck experience, if that makes sense -- and the worst is way better than the old "okay."

I loved every minute of wacinthg this little segment of Ellen.In fact I was laughing so hard my husband wanted to know what was going on, so I had to play it all over again for him. It was still funny the second time around. Thanks for sharing.

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