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Back in the day, when people rode dinosaurs to work, telephones plugged into the wall, and "google" was just a number, the Leery Polyp, precursor to the Modernity Ward, was an infertility blog. Then it was an adoption blog. Then it was a surprise pregnancy blog. Then it was a parenting blog. Eventually operations had to move to bigger digs, so we opened the Modernity Ward because 1) it was time for a redesign and 2) also time for a better name.

The Modernity Ward, owned, operated, and occasionally sanitized by Joanna P, copyright everything forever in perpetuity, once was your one-stop shopping place for blog posts about parenting, converting to Judaism, good food, bad chemicals, real estate, lady parts, why it is not a good idea to let your child stick her feet into the gibbon enclosure, and whatever happened to pop into my pretty head.

After a several-month hiatus, I'm back to prove to all y'all that I still don't know dick about shit, but I'm willing to talk about it anyway.

A note on archives: If you click on the word "Archives" itself, you'll get the month-by-month listing for all Modernity Ward posts. To read the archives of the Leery Polyp (chronologically older blog, no overlap) click on the right sidebar link to the Leery Polyp and there you shall find the old archives in toto. (Something's wrong with 'em right now. I'm sorry. I'm working on it. By which I mean I'm hoping it will somehow fix itself.)