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Ohmigod, Jo, you might be like me!

Wait, stop rushing off to the nearest bridge. You have so much to live for.

I find IVF to be kind of this amazing science experiment starring, well, me. Stick needle here, observe reaction there, confirm theory, hmmmmmm. Interesting.

I cannot wait to read your lab report. Best of luck on Monday!


Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong--praying for a baby and not specifying species. "Okay, God, I get the joke. Yes, I asked for a baby and You sent me a kitten, very funny. Oh, and the dog was a nice touch, too. This time can we get a HUMAN INFANT and not one of those sissy babies You call husbands, either; I have one of those as well."

I'm so sorry you cut your hand and none of us were there to see it. You absolutely must post pictures of the wound at it's goriest. Please do heal well though--none of those nasty infections that cause would cause your typing to grind to a painful halt. None of that, please.


Heal good, sister, and report back quickly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your Monday, and its hard to type like this.


Oh man, gotta hurt!! As for the IVF needles, I'll be anxiously waiting, reliving each of those shots with you with an 'ouch' and an 'ugh'!


Even as we speak, Jo's high-fiving her RE — but not, one hopes, with a cockslap.

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