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But wait! I think...I think there's more!

"Magic and stardust, terror and weeping --
Don't bleed through your sheets while you're lying there sleeping!"

I am a horrible person, and if there were a hell, other than the hell of having ruined several pairs of my pajama pants that very way, I would burn in it.


Well *technically* that's the bridge ...
I wonder, did you get the Poppins imagery from my blathering about Naomi's MP obsessions?? xoxoxox see ya in hell smoochies. I'll be the one in magnificent satin loungewear--in red, butofcourse.


I just like to think about Mary Poppins, is all.

Evidently this one really *was* too hideous -- so few comments! Ah, what can you do.


well, I thought it was funny. or, at least as funny as something of this sort can be. It was funny because I could "hear" you sing it. I Big Puffy Heart you.

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