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Congrats! Glad all is well--enjoy the percocet!


So..........what'd they say about the ass pimple?


YAY!! I'm glad all is well with your cute ute:)


That's the way we like it. Painless, and resulting in good news. Good job, Jo's girl parts!


Hey is an HCG a hysterosalpingogram? Because if it is, it would save me some space on my blogsite. AND if it is...are there different types with varying pain levels?? Just trying to find out if I was denied percocet when I was entitled to it.


eyyyyy--your agent called. They want to do an episode of MTV Cribs in your ute. It's set up for about 2 weeks from now, because it's hard to film through the blood, and after that--well I heard you might be subletting.


hSg = hysterosalpingogram. hCg = human chorionic gonadotropin, aka pregnancy hormone. Both important for the fertility-challenged.

Hee hee. Subletting. Hope so.


Woo! I'm happy to hear all is well up in there! :-)


Glad to hear it was pain free.
So glad to hear it was all clear.

Subletting... too cute!



How the hell can I get my hands on a balloon-free HSG?! I didn't even know there were different techniques.


Woot woot! You know, they didn't use a balloon in my HsG last month. It was my first one, so I can't compare, but while it was uncomfortable, it wasn't painful. Oh, and I got a Vicodin.


So glad your HSG was pain free. I asked for some percocet and was told that tylenol was enough. Wish it was standard practice to give out some drugs beforehand. I've never heard of a balloon-free HSG either. Has technology changed in the last few months or are we all suffering for no reason?

Amy in Motown

Yay!! Glad to hear all is clear.

And seriously--they use BALLOONS sometimes? Mine was just a dye catheter and they did some kind of deadening spray on the cervix so it was not howlingly painful when they used the clamp. Holy crap, balloons??? Owwwwch.

Sleep off your buzz! Glad it was so smooth it wasn't even funny.


I had the identical experience to Amy in M's; that was... what now?... four or five years ago, I think.

Balloons? Sounds like a whole different procedure. I thought the HSG was simply inserting contrast fluid into the uterus and seeing if it spilled out of the fallopian tubes. WTF would they need a balloon for that??


Yeah, that's a different procedure. No balloon with the HSG — the whole point is letting the dye flow freely throughout your every anatomical aperture.

With my sonohystogram (SHG), I did, however, have a balloon. I asked my doctor if he could make funny animals with it. He politely declined. But why?


Woohoo!!!! Your post has given me hope that mine won't be too bad. As soon as AF arrives (which currently is a mystery fit for the Scooby gang) I get to schedule it. I was freaked out (well still am) and your post has given me hope that it might not suck as bad.

The lit that the doc sent me has no mention of ballons - just the dye thing.

I hope that lit is right!


There was no mention of any medication when I had my HSG, and I didn't find it at all painful. When I had my uterine biopsy they forgot to tell me to take Tylenol, so I did that med-free too.
I also have fallen asleep in the dentist's chair. Perhaps I should look into a career as some kind of secret agent or spy? Please advice.

Oh wait. Giving birth hurt like a motherfucker.


Sadly, as my gentle doctor explained yesterday, some practitioners *do* use a balloon in an HSG to "open up" the uterus before injecting the dye. That's what causes the excruciating pain that some women have with an HSG. I had what was unmistakably an HSG with a balloon the first time, and it hurt like a motherfucker. I'm extra super resentful of Talking Dr. Barbie after that, since it was, apparently, utterly unnecessary.

It seems to be a dying practice, thankfully, and wholly unwarranted. If y'all have these newfangled doctors with their crazy up-to-date procedures, you'll be fine. Walk in the park. Day at the beach. I'd do it again in a second.


Many techniques exist...ask for the non-balloon catheter technique. Tell 'em Jo sent ya!

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