Got a Minute?

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Yer so funny!
Hope your tour/interview went well today.


Remain in my home! You must be kidding. If that's contagious, I'm running out and wallowing in it! Or I'll send a few of you out to do it for me.

Can't wait to hear about your day-long interview.


There's been a rash of pregnancies (would that be PUPPP?) here at work, and I'm just waiting for some ding-dong to say: "Huh! Must be something in the water!"

So then I can say, "Yeah, all that semen."

Also: stupid tour was canceled at 10:29. Perfect. Frickafrackin rahrah nadafinga!


Ah! Come to where I work! There are nine pregnant women, and EVERYONE is always saying "don't drink the water!" I sit there, gulping my daily vat of h2o, thinking death ray thoughts. Oh, and the newest I've heard: It's an epidemic! I said "Guess I missed catching THAT virus." The person who said it looked at me, and with pity in her voice, said "Oh. Oh, Karen." I wanted to pry her eyeballs out of their sockets and make her eat them.
Tell the escapee to come over. I could use a drink and a bitch session!

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