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Jo, I'm so sorry your day was as absolutly weary as it was. Is there a chance of the grueling interview turning into a success?


Oh sure, the interview actually went pretty okay. I'll be happy if I'm offered the job, and equally happy if not -- either way, I'll leave my current situation two weeks after finding out.

And I'll start a new life in the waiting room of my RE's office, needles firmly lodged in my belly fat.


I really dig thinking about you breathing into the phone. What is wrong with me??
but seriously folks ...
ach, it's all just too frickin much. Yeh, I got a 3-hr interview for a 1-yr position too (for all the other comm'ers, I work in the same dept as ms vandeleerypolyp). They really overkill it. Either that, or they just can't shut the frick up. Hmmm, or both.


Three hours? Cripes, none of my interviews for actual librarian jobs have been that long. Well, except for the day-long thing at Yale, but since I didn't get the job due to having a slight tantrum/breakdown in the office of the head of the entire Yale Library System, I tend to not count that one.


Jilbur, you work with Jo?? Holy crap, you're lucky. Is it just all snickering and practical jokes over there? Can I join?


Is there any good, ever, that comes out of saying, "well, I can't do that, I MIGHT be pregnant"?

I remember once, during IF, going in to have a fucking MRI on my knee and I had to go home without doing it because, well, somehow, there was a chance in frozen hell that I MIGHT be pregnant. I cried all the way home, sobbing, "BUT I'M NEVER PREGNANT!!!" And of course I wasn't.

Although I suffered mightily during the stresses of adoption, I know I was better off than I would have been doing ART. I am just WAY, way, way, way too fragile for that barefoot hike up the sharp-rocked path to the top of the mountain.

You are brave and strong, young Jo. And I hope they offer you that job, whether or not you want it.


Ha! I once lied about the date of my most recent period so I could GET AN MRI ON MY KNEE!Spooooky... You know, I bet we did the same thing to our knees that caused them to require MRIs, what with our lack of proprioception and whatnot.

I have to say, Getupgrrl, Jilbur is the best thing about work. And our other friend there too. Other than that, trust me, you want no part of this place. I shudder now even thinking of it.

And furthermore, I am having more wine.


Or, as the french say: "mar wan!"

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