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I *knew* you had a nice rack. I could feel your boobyliciousness through your posts.

Twiddle one of those ovaries over my way! I could use some new eggs.


My doctor has never told me I have a nice rack. I'm finding a new one, pronto! Someone's gotta like 'em...


Damn. I'm jealous.

I have to say, in the instant between my reading "twiddling" and "ovaries" I thought you were going to say something else. Not that that would have been any less appropriate. :)


Oh, I am totally charmed by your referring to your boobatures as 'the gals.' I don't know if I ever mentioned to you that my younger sister refers to hers as 'the girls' ... and my, how her girls have grown!


I refer to mine as the "twins". They're fab and have personalities all their own. My doc has never made a comment about them, may be a shade inappropriate coming from a married man and father of 2....


You and your femparts all rock.

Oh, and that junk floating around in your skull ain't bad either.



Okay, Julia: I *almost* wrote "twiddling my labia" but then I realized, oh good Lord, that means something completely different. Not the sort of thing a demure refined lady like myself would write, oh my, no.

And I deleted it. But that did not stop me from mentioning it later, obviously.


Even good girls twiddle their labias. ;)


My boobs are hideous. I think I actually saw my ob/gyn wince when he did a breast exam I also think he tripled gloved.


i call mine "the lovely ladies".
no, that's not true. you know what i call them, jo. big ol' titties, bag ol' tatties, and most importantly, tag ol' batties.
and that's what you have. and they are also lovely. and lucky (number 13 and all...tee hee).


I call mine "the girls" too. Seriously. When I'm at work and I have to pump I tell my boss that I have a "date with the girls". I still don't think he really understands what is going on though.

I didn't have any problem breastfeeding Anika, she really took to it. I had a couple hang ups about feeding her in public, not because of the girls, but because the girls are covered in a nice layer of PCOS fuzz. But I got over all that and the other day I actually fed her in the grocery line while she was sitting in the cart. What can you do? The kid's gotta eat!


Rock the fuck ON, Beth! Hee hee, "fuzz." More like "thick, shining pelt" in my case.

Tag ol' batties, lucky tatties -- it's all true. All of it. I like to squeeze the lucky one -- you know, for luck -- before meetings and presentations. It sure quiets everybody down.

Andreah -- every woman deserves an ob/gyn who shows her rack some respect!

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