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What do you like best about injectables:
[1] Pretend you're Janis Joplin
[2] Pretend you're some hot chick on ER
[3] Pretend you're a Krispy Kreme about to receive her creme filling
[4] So many injection jests, so little time!


Oh, good lord. Good luck. And I'm glad the Dr. was nice on the phone.

Can you believe anyone going through ART ever has to deal with louts and buffoons? Insult, injury, injectables. Anyway, glad you're off on the right foot.



You can do it, kid. I am full of faith in sausagey, seafoamy you.


You ARE a badass. And your ass will, unfortunately, feel very bad after getting all those shots. That's where a little husbandly TLC comes in. Milk it for all it's worth! I get flowers a lot during the injections.

Enough Already

You get to speak to your doctor on the phone? I am shocked. My RE is too good to do "phone consultations". I get to talk to his snotty, ill informed nurse. The last one told me ovulation alternates from side to side. I thought, not with me babe. Good luck with this one!


Jo, I already beat you to the punch on the Williams-Sonoma catalogue. Though perhaps you'll actually be able to order some of those goodies - instead of shaking your head and muttering under your breath as I did.

Oh, and yes, you are a bad ass.

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