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I don't have anything witty to say. But I am enjoying your wit. WIsh I could come up with something really comforting... but I can't come close enough to what I really want to say. I've been where you are and well.. I know... Infertility Sucks. Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog and I admire your focus on your goal of building a family. It should be easier. It shouldn't require focus. Why isn't it like our moms said... a boy touches you down there and you get pregnant?

Hope your weekend is wonderful!



I love you sweetie! and I hope I'm the exception that disproves the rule.
who passed gas?
who passed a speculum?


I don't think I've ever passed a speculum in my life -- I always stop.

Heh. Get it?

Kym, thanks for dropping by -- what my mother actually said was, "You get pregnant and we're not paying for college!" Little did I know that I'd be spending about two years' tuition at a state university on synthetic hormones and sperm washing.

Because they're dirty, dirty little sperm.



That's how I felt. My best friend and I started trying to get pregnant on the same day, in the same house, and she had two babies before I'd even managed to get an adoption referral for our first. Unlike you, I ceased being supportive and enthusiastic after a while. I told her I couldn't talk to her again until I had at least one kid.

Because it's all she talked about.

Anyway, I feel such a huge amount of affection for you, Jo. I want you to be a mom, just so I can know there's a good one out there.


Hey Jo- we were kind on the same page today with our posts, weren't we?

I know what you mean about the sister has a two month old. I am pretty much the picture of good health and not. But I love her and I went out of my way to make sure she knew how happy I was for her. I save the more catty remarks for pregnant acquaintances or even strangers.


Yeah, Kristine, I noticed that earlier. A vibe in the blogosphere, I guess.

Mollie, aw jeez, thank you for that. This whole infertility hootenanny has also cost me a friendship, as well; that's a story for another day. Ugh.

But look at all I've gotten here -- I'm not saying there aren't payoffs. Heck, give me some supportive online friendships over a dysfunctional IRL one anyday.

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