Got a Minute?

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Farcical. Good word! It does sound like your day is reaching Monty Python proportions. Perhaps you could lead the tour with a sampling of "funny walks"?


Oh, you know I'm gonna.


My friend does a wonderful "sprinkler walk," as well as a pretty cool "bus driver walk."
So what shoes are you gonna wear??


Faaaaaaaaaaar out!

I would say you were a "shoe-in" for the job. You are going to "walk" right into that position. Just "step" right up to the plate.

Ok, enough puns about walking (I had to opt in for puns otherwise I'd just be naming a bunch of silly walks or other Monty Python quotes that demonstrate why I didn't date much in high school.)

But seriously. Go get em, tiger. Best of luck and stamina on tomorrow's all-day interview.


So? How'd it go? Spill!

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