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Are you sure you aren't pregnant? I have what you have!


Ah, if only it were that easy. So many months I've endured these symptoms only to discover the red flag a-flying when I hit the bathroom. I've been tuning them out over the months, because they have so often proved, um, fruitless.



"a divine fondue of hormones"
Yeah, I got dat!

Dear Ms. Van DeLeery Polyp: Yer stinkin' hilarious (no pun intended...really, I don't smell a thing!) and oh so very poetic...which is no easy feat when the topic of discussion is hormones and pit funk) Have I told you lately I love you? Have a pit-funky day!


I will be giggling in my sleep tonight thinking of the taco stand in your armpit. I am glad I am not the only one who fights the Mexican spice scent. I hd to give up my organic deodorants and opt for either drywall mud and caulk or platinum protection Secret. Now it's more like Beef Bouillon.

Those damnable "Pregnant-Not Pregnant, What's the Difference" symptoms suck.


Ah, my old friend. So we cycle again. I'm just guestimating on this cycle, but I give it two or three more days.


Oh, The Bitch (as I like to call her) is due in the next couple of days here, too! I have been, ummm, emotional this week. And achy. And zitty. And exhausted. Okay, you get the picture!

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