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When you give birth to your flour you can make cookies. I'm such an optimist....some people call me Pollyanna!
I do hope you get to see how you look with a real belly under there!
And good luck with the new job-- just be your sassy brassy self...or not! :) (try not use the word "cockslap" during the interview, no matter how tempted you are)


I do the clothing-under-clothing thing, too.

P.S. - Your blog rocks.


I've been tempted to do the clothing belly thing, but I'm afraid my dog might tell on me if I did. I mean there are enough people who think I'm looney already. Don't need to give the dog confirmation of my lunacy.

By the way, I am glad to hear that your HSG went well. I'm with your Hope Addict in cheering you on toward a successful pregnancy.


That's great news on the job front - well, it will be when you ace the interview and they see what an awesome and valuable chic you are.

We won't tell anyone about your pseudo-belly.


But what if I feel I need to wear it to the interview? What happens THEN, huh?

Eh, at least I'm not the only one.


As long as the soiled undershirts aren't visible — or odoriferously detectable — on the outside of your clothes, we'll never tell.

If I were in charge I would hire your ass off. I would.


I suggest stuffing the garments into control-top panties for a smooth contour. Also, if you stretch the hose out well enough, you may be able to use them as maternity hose. But for goodness sake, do not buy these:
They cost me a fortune and rolllllled off my belly moments after pulling them on. I had to literally safety-pin them to my bra to wear them.


You are so very very NOT alone. I even took my obsession one step further: I photoshopped myself pregnant.

I would hire you too. In a heartbeat.


No, you are not alone. I habitually stand in front of the mirror and push my gut out as far as it will go, muttering "pregnant," and then suck it back in, muttering "not pregnant." I do this about seventy times. Not only does it make me depressed that I'm not pregnant, but it makes me depressed that I can stick my goddamn stomach out that far.

Good luck on your job interview!!!


OliviaDrab, pregnant or not, photoshopped or not, you are extra super adorable.

I can stick my stomach out incredibly far as well. I'd like to think it's because of my well-developed abdominal musculature, but that's a hard sell even for me.

In the meantime, I promise not to purchase supp-hose. Seriously. That's one thing you don't ever have to worry about me doing.

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