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Wow! A 50 percent success rate -- that's fantastic. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. Do you mind sharing the exact protocol you're going to do?



Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo!

That is all.


Okay, actually, that isn't all. I meant to throw in a few more exclamation points.

This all sounds very encouraging. I suppose I'm focusing on the wrong thing here (since I usually do), but I am so looking forward to a polyp jacked up on hormonal goofballs.

Julia S

Yay! Rock on! Yay!


All I know about the protocol thus far is as follows: Gonal-F, 7-10 days (don't know amount), monitored by ultrasound. HCG trigger, then IUI followed by a second HCG booster a week later. Updates to follow as events warrant.

Yeah, a little intensification of personality is just what I need.


HOT DIGGITY! I am so full of hope for you, can't possibly know. XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!


"Yeah, a little intensification of personality is just what I need."

Oh, it sounds like there are quite the interesting blog entries ahead! I'm glad the RE was so positive and here's hoping that you are on the happy side of those 50% success rate odds!



sorry I forgot to give you an altoids strip, as I'd promised--I could have alleviated the tuna-onion breath ... so probably that's why he didn't give you one of those newborns they keep in deep, isolette-lined drawers in the backroom (those are the *real* 'take-home babies') ...


Go Jo, it's your birthday, we're gon' party like it's your birthday, we're gon' sip bacardi like it's your birthday and we don't give a fuck cause it's your birthday.

This is going to be so exciting! Yipeee!!



I can't wait to hear all the gory details of your trip (notice, singular) down the Injectibles Highway.


Woo hoo Jo! Very exciting--sounds like a great appointment and you gotta love those odds. Can't wait to read all about it!



April will definitely not suck!

Go go gadget gonads!!

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