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Oh, Jo, Thank you thank you thank you. That's the best goddamned recipe I've ever read.

Love forever,


I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks for offering me a better recipe. ;)


I've heard the OPK-as-HPT thing as well, but then I learned that it's not accurate if you you have PCOS because then your LH will be wacky anyway.

Other than that, it sounds like you have a wonderful recipe there.


You're right, Christina -- but I happen to know, through extensive testing, that for me a negative OPK is a definite negative.

I'd like to thank my good friend Glucophage XR for that.


I'll definitely have to remember that 'insert-hands-into-full-toilet-bowl-then-scrub-thoroughly' step next time I make the eggs ... was wondering why they were missing that je ne sais quoi, but now that I sais quoi manque, I am confident that this year I will finally get my rightful due as Queen of the Block Party. Fuckin' bee-otch last year with her macaroni-tuna-pimento salad.


Is there anything better in this world than parking oneself in front of the Golden Girls? I think not? I'll try my hand at these deviled eggs this weekend!


My grandma (also from Kansas) made the same slimy Jello salad. Lime jello, pears, Cool Whip, and cream cheese. Nirvana.


Ohhh, that sounds like a good firend you have there. Must pester my dr. until she prescribes an equally good friend--I'm thinking tylenol3, but does anyone have a better suggestion?


I can testify that for this PCOS female, OPK as HPT is useless. The idea is that if you get the as-dark-or-darker line, you're pregnant. I got the faintest of lines on the OPK the day before I got the (faint) second line on the HPT. Unfortunately that pregnancy miscarried, but the point is that the OPK wasn't even CLOSE to positive, and I refuse to believe that it was peering three weeks into the future and foreseeing the end. I think it just wasn't right.


You know, I may actually *have* the lime jello recipe from my grandmother. Do you really want it, or is it just a passing fancy? :)


Sonetka, I'm really sorry for your loss. Re: the OPK: that's intriguing. Hmm. Although, can you imagine the market for a future-predicting Miss Cleo pregnancy test?

Kendra, many thanks, but I'm getting it from my own grandmother -- I have a recipe box she gave me at my wedding, and it contains recipes written in the hands of my grandma and a few great-aunts, and I'm going to add this one to it. Totally priceless.

Unfortunately, many of the recipes are Lileks-esque, but what can you do. It is the cuisine of my people -- Jell-o, Philly cheese (as they call it), canned fruit.

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