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Enough Already

I guess I'm lucky. My mother is so self-absorbed she completely forgets about where I am at in my cycle. She makes a big to do about wishing me luck on the IUI, but then never remebers to ask if it worked. Since it hasn't worked yet, I guess its for the best.


I suppose it's nice to be so blissfully ignorant of the real ART of getting pregnant. Not that we've done anything more high tech than clomid yet...

Well, it looks like my N.P. is finally catching on to what I've know for a while--I have PCOS. She's not calling it PCOS yet, but that's probably because she didn't get the pictures from my ultrasound last cycle. She did however say that my LH was rather high for day three and that it could indicate PCOS. I had to work very hard to keep from saying "I told you so."


You obviously don't go to KFC enough, or you'd know that they don't open until 10:30.

By the way, it is possible we have the same mother.


Recently, my mother told me that I should talk to my cousin because "she had been through the same thing I went through." I said "oh, she's had IVF's?" My mom said "no, she's done Clomid a few times." Gah!

Most people don't know what IVF is. I think to back when I was naive about all of this and I had no clue what IVF was, either. I just thought it was test-tube babies, and I had no idea that you might NOT get pregnant from it. I thought it was a sure deal.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to that place. Anyway, I hope your mom gets it so that you don't have to keep explaining. And I hope your next cycle works.


Christina -- HA! I told her so! Or, you know, I would have. As much as it sucks to have PCOS, it sure makes life a lot easier when you can figure out what sort of medical treatment you need. They'll never get my metformin away from me.

Karen, I think I remember that place. It was all sparkly and full of delightful smells, and there were free cupcakes, right?

I hope ALL our next cycles work.


Jo, I think that I work with your mom. When she found out that I had a m/c after taking 2 years to get pg in the first place, she suggested that I speak with another lady in our office since she had gone through IVF and also had a m/c. I had already spoken to her, and knew that the most ART treatment she ever had was 2 rounds of Clomid (not even IUI). When I verified with her that she had not ever tried IVF, she asked, "What's IVF?" I've only gone as far as injectibles and IUI, and even I know what IVF is! I knew what it was even before I found out that I had "issues getting pregnant" (direct quote from my OBGYN). How do people not know what IVF is? grrrr....



whoa, buddy. there's only room for one gretchen on this comment page, kay? and it's ME.

kidding, i had to read the comment a few times before i realized that i hadn't actually written it. yeah, i'm tarded like that.


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