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I am so sorry. I wish, I wish, I wish...well, you know. XO Lisa


Don't you also hate that people around you point out anyone they may have ever heard of who has trouble too? I now know my parents neighbor is dealing with infertility.
Hey, some days I just want to think about all the "thong droppers" and feel sorry for myself.


You may feel cranky but you are funny. Imagine all those cranky, un-funny losers-- good thing you're not them.


"Hope freaks eternal."

It does, indeed. That may be the most brilliant way I've ever heard that expressed.

Can I buy a bumper sticker?


Pregnant at the drop of a thong, huh? Maybe that's my problem--I have no thongs to drop!

I am in awe of you for being funny while cranky. Somehow I can't get that combination to work for me.


I hate the jealousy that always manages to creep in, too. Ugh.


You know, I am so grateful that every friend I have absolutely *gets it*. When it comes down to it, I really haven't got much to complain about. Well, except the infertility. But in terms of friends, I am a fortunate woman.

Can you tell I'm in a better mood? I am sated on lingonberries and meatballs that I pray are of European origin. Hail Ikea, full of stuff.


Am I glad or sorry that I didn't read your post until after our Ikea freakfest? Mmmmm. Sorry, that I didn't have a heads-up on your mood. But it didn't turn out to make a diff, did it? I know you know that I have trust in our friendship, and I know you do too. We're both smart enough to love each other right, even if my next month's thong drop shakes better action. Thanks again for the one of my best birthday jaunts ever, sweetie.


Naw, no difference. Moods pass, you know how it is, and I know I can throw up a red flag if I need to. No, today's date with Ikea was perfect, and I am a happy woman, grateful to be alive and surrounded with good people.

Yeah, life is very good.


Jo, I am a me-firsty too, and I could have written your post. I am so cranky around pregnant women, it's disgusting. And I'm even cranky around women that bring their children into the RE's office. Yesterday, a woman had her baby in the IVF waiting room....gggrrrr. Even though I KNEW she had had the child because of IVF (she told another woman this; I was eavesdropping) I was still cranky.

Thanks for being cranky too. But I'm so sorry you have to be. I wish we could all get pregnant from the drop of a thong, or a boy brief, or a huge old set of granny panties.

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