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I'm keeled over from the puke and shit stories! Ah, I needed that.


Ah, I love potty humor. I love that you were sprayed with Lysol. That is too funny.


I'm afraid I have to disagree with you - I think that the "Evita" episode from this year's season of The Simpsons is an enduring classic.

I also once barfed in my sleep (thankfully, in my own bed). I'd been carsick after my parents had taken us to the Ozarks. I like to think that puking was a little act of revenge against my parents, who made us go to Branson.


Yeah, this season has been a lot better than past stinkers, I'll grant you that.

I once got horribly carsick in the Ozarks as well, though we were in Eureka Springs. The time we went to Branson, I fell in a lake, though.

Incidentally, I loved the episode in which the Simpsons went to Branson.

I realized, after posting this, the striking parallels between my funny story and my tale of humiliation -- both involve some luckless protagonist ending up coated with unsavory products of digestion IN PUBLIC. You'd think I'd have a little more compassion for Jeff.

Then again, he done it to himself. That's what makes it funny.


Indeed, you, above everyone else, made my youth group experience worthwhile. However, the guiitar playing Hotties for Jesus were well worth it too.

I can't believe you tried to blame the puke on the little brother...


Well, it was an act of desperation. I still cringe, even twenty years later, remembering that whole awful ordeal. It's embarrassing in itself, how sensitive about it I still am. My friends were forbidden to speak of it, ever again.

As are all of you, now.


Yes, The Simpsons aren't quite as good as they used to be, but they are still better than most everything else on TV. Give those voice actors a raise!

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