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curse you for not delivering deviled eggs to my purgat-, uh, workplace!

Mmmmmmm ... deviled eggs ... mmmmm ... Jon Stewart ...

Melissa posted a link to 20/20's email feedback about the Yee-Haw Adoption FunFest Reality Show. I sputtered something to them--gawd, I hope they pull this horribly exploitive 'story.'


Well, let's look at the bright side: maybe at least one out of a thousand of those ass-hats who chirp, "you should just adopt!" at anyone struggling to start their family the old-fashioned way will conclude from this "report" that it ain't so easy after all.

BTW, I love Jon as well. I admit that when we got drafted to do a bit on his show, I was hopeful I might meet him. It was crazy, I know. Then when it was clear I was not going to cross paths with him, I was hoping that he'd comment on what a hot number I was when he intro'ed the spot. Dream on!

"Funny and smart. A dangerous combination," as Dr. Love would say.

P.S. I love deviled eggs!


OMG, I totally blogged about Jon too! Also, check out the link on my site to Miss Barbara's "reaction" to all those emails we've sent...

Amy in Motown

You don't get Jon Stewart because he's MINE, baby, all mine. I went to bed early yesterday and missed the show--I'll have to be sure to catch the repeat today.

You've got my email-- I sent out an email to 15 or so friends and family about this crapfest asking them to please email ABC and the adoption agency involved. I'd be glad to share is anyone wants to join! (ths goes for all y'all)

And Mollie, I saw you on the show when it happened, as I mentioend to you, and I did think you were quite the hot number!! So, you know, if a straight married midwesterner's opinion matters...:-)


I am so completely obsessed with Jon Stewart. Gawd, he's wonderful. Not just his jewish good looks or the fact that he regularly admits to partaking of the mary jane, but that wit! what a lucky broad his wife is. and barbara walters is a ho.
the pretty sister


Thanks for the link to the article about that 20/20 nightmare. I have been going crazy over it for several days now, really hoping they would choose not to air it.

But maybe Mollie is right... maybe some good will come of it.


Yummmm....Deviled eggs [channeling Homer Simpson].


What are these deviled eggs you all are talking about? I don't see any dmfld hgggs mround hrre (swallows).

Mollie, not only are you smokin', but I remember watching that episode and thinking your deadpan was so hilarious.

For some reason the declaration that "Barbara Walters is a ho" has left me in tears and swaying with laughter.


Oh, man. I love deviled eggs. I'm coming over, Jo - I hope you have some more.


I'm not going to sleep tonight until I get your recipe for deviled eggs.

Oh, God, I feel a cheer coming on...

Jon - YAY!
Babs - NO!
Barbara Walters is a HO!
Watch her dumb exploitive show
Then tell the network where to GO!!


HAHAHAHAHA!! Karen, you kill me.


Deviled eggs? Huh? *Drooling with desire*

Jon Stewart? Huh? *Drooling with desire*

Jon Stewart, in bed with me, eating deviled eggs off of my body? *Drooling with desire*


Wow, now my comments are appearing to be clairvoyant. I swear, my laughter was supposed to show up AFTER your joke!


Ohhhh, I love deviled eggs. They give me really horrific gas though, but what do I care, it is my husband that suffers.


I've actually never had a deviled egg in my life.

BUT! I have tried the new Life Honey Graham Cereal.

WTF does that have to do with anything? I don't know, I'm confused, leave me alone.

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