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Sweet! That rocks, Jo!

I don't mind you walking around with your head-in-cooter, but keep us informed, will ya.


Yes, yay you! But will you still be able to wear purple sparkly eyeshadow in the new position? I wouldn't want your career advancement to cost you your right to glitter.



Why did you not mention this to me? I assure you I would have been appropriately congratulatory. OF COURSE YOU GOT THE JOB...Mwah! Go you!




But wait. You're still going to sneak off into the stacks for illicit bloggity interludes, right?



Alas, no more stacks to be had at the new digs. The price of glass-walled offices is the utter lack of privacy, so I may have to confine my hot blogging action to breaks and evenings.

Such is the price of success.

And Mamarama: I didn't mention it because I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT. That is how severe my case of ovary brain is. I'm really gonna wow 'em at the new place.

Wait, Summer, how did you know about the eyeshadow?


Yay Jo! Enjoy your new job and try to at least get through the first week before showing up head-in-cooter.

Amy in Motown

Yay you!!! So glad to hear it, Jo!


Summer knows about the shadow 'cuz I've been liberally spreading the word about how you ho it up at work all the damm time.
God--the few weeks I have left here in this building, I will be missing the living f*ck outta ya. Even if you still bless me with your lunchly presence.


Yay Jo, go Jo! Congrats on the new job!

Here's hoping that your new job will distract you enough to keep your head from diappearing again into your cooter. (I am giggling maniacally at that.)


You mentioned the eyeshadow in a comment a while back, something about your co-workers being overawed at the combination of purple sparkly eyeshadow and unshaven armpits. I can remember these things, but I can't ever remember which breast I used to nurse last time, and I wind up walking around patting my breasts with a puzzled look on my face. It's a very good thing I don't have co-workers to observe me.


"The price of glass-walled offices is the utter lack of privacy, so I may have to confine my hot blogging action to breaks and evenings."


Selfish sparkly brilliant cooter-headed 'ho! And I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Oh yeah, the sparkles. Damn, I'm impressed. Maybe someday I'll tell you about the time I wore to work the following outfit: blue t-shirt; white cotton ruffled skirt; knee-high athletic socks with purple stripes at top; Birkenstocks. It actually broke up a managerial meeting when they caught a glimpse me arriving at work.

And Julie, I totally said "may."

(So don't you worry, friend.)


Damn, I process obscure collections all the time and in three years no one has offered me an office with windows. Need any help? (I'm only sort of kidding.)

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