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Oh man--that sucks. Here's wishing for follicular domination.


Well, crap. That's an odd combo of good news and bad news. I hardly to know whether to scream in encouragement or frustration. I just hope that it all turns good for you - dominant follicle, fewer eggs, whatever you most desire.


Bleh. Here's hoping thing calm down in your ovaries in time to make this cycle a success.


Jesus gay, that's a lot of follicles!

I would like to know why the ovaries of my friends are so relentlessly oppositional. They sullenly refuse to participate when we desire a bumper crop, and they respond with unseemly exuberance when all we want is a decorous three or four. Why are our bodies so freaking perverse?

I am hoping yours gets with the program but quick.


Seriously. I think some egg sharing program is in order. Drought or famine is the apparent order of the day.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of those follies is a big, mean, gun-totin', mullet-wearin' SOB who cock-slaps the others into quiet submission.


Being in cycle- cancelling- limbo sucks giant donkey dong. I'm on the other side of the spectrum, though: I get cancelled because of no follies. I hope either A) one or two follies swell to the occasion, leaving the others in serious follie-dust; or B) you can convert to IVF, if that's what you want.


Oy. Well, for me, it's a PCOS thing; apparently this behavior is typical of polycystic ovaries. The doctor even mentioned it might happen when I saw him last week.

Right now I am hoping for anything that will keep this cycle from being a total waste. I'll take whatever I can get -- IVF, smaller follicles, whatEVER.

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