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I have pets, and we are as paranoid as they get doing anything to the lawn. But living in base housing we get written up for having dirt in the gutters, so needless to say, they are slightly crazy about perfection.

I recently got a lawyer, so its been fun having the power to pick up the phone and call her. So, standing at the school, during my race home to shower, I would have been on the phone requesting letters be sent to the morons at Chemlawn and the school and everyone else :) Don't know what good it would have done, but I would have had them sent.


Stupid poison spreading freaks. I'm glad your dog-shaped baby is okay!


Have you SEEN the COLOR of that chemical sludge they hose the grass down with? It's a color that don't exist in nature, that's for damned sure. Eeeek.

"Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees, please!" RIght ON, Joni! That's my Canadian soul sister!!

Unfortunately, some freaks here even spray chems on their sod. But I think it's a trifle rarer here. At least I've got to hope so.


Oops, here comes another notch in my worry belt! Damn chemical spreaders. I love companies who never worry about their own consequences.

I am glad your doggie is safe.


Having two small dogs that eat everything in sight, I too worry over chemically treated lawns, etc. We have a bad ant problem in Texas, and treating these bastards organically is a hassle, but for our dogs, there is no other way. My mother-in-law thinks I should lock my dogs up on the side of my lawn, which would not be an easy task, and then poison the shit out of the ants with diazanon (sp?) and let the fun begin. Hello, you know the diazanon is not going to stay in the area we put it! And all of my neighbors have small children or dogs, I would be putting them at risk along with the ants.
You tell it like it is, Jo, tell it like it is! Down with Chemlawn! Down withe Chemlawn!


Oh man. I'm so happy to find sympathizers here. That's just one of the issues I get all frothed up about, and type for forty-five minutes. Maybe I should consider shelling out for the Extended Post feature...

At least in Canada, many more laws govern the use of these chemicals, and some municipalities have enacted outright bans against them (that Chemlawn promptly violated).

Now I totally want a lawyer.

Man, Michele, ants are really bad. I sympathize. And thank you immeasurably for skipping the diazinon; it's a nerve gas. Scary.


For the last 3 weeks the Chemlawn salespeople have been crusing my neighborhood, leaving literature and cornering unsuspecting homeowners. One of them finally got to my husband as he was out working on his bike. I don't think he liked my husband's response to his offer of service - "Why would I pay you to poison my lawn and pollute the environment?"

He's just lucky he didn't make his offer to me, and I don't think his schedule allowed for a 35 minute lecture on the breast cancer clusters that occur in neighborhoods where there is widespread use of chemical lawn applications.


I just spent about 20 happy minutes yanking dandelions out of my yard. No poison, good exercise, and an excellent way to get out agressions.

My husband once had a summer job working for Mosquito Control in the rural country where we went to college. His job was to drive around, look in every pond and creek and ditch and puddle of water, see if there were any mosquito larvae, and then dump a fuckload of poison into the water. The chemical they used was called "Golden Bear", which sounds charming, and it had the effect of keeping the mosquitos in a larval state. Vince found it terrifying, wouldn't touch the stuff, and never used any. He'd lie on his survey sheets, and say he'd used it when he hadn't. Eventually, his supervisors started to catch on that he was never refilling his poison tanks, so he quit before he could get fired.

What's wrong with a little crabgrass? It's green, you can mow it, it covers the dirt, why not let it be?


We don't use any. It always surprises me when anyone uses them, especially people with kids and pets. Of course, our yard looks like crap, but we don't care. I kind of like the sneers our neighbors give us. Of course, that probably doesn't have anything to do with our yard.


Ya know.. now that it is mentioned, my dad used to treat our lawn with diazanon when we lived in Texas. Holy crap. Now I am freaking out.

Emma Jane

Rock on!

See "Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy," too:


Honestly, I think no matter what got used in your particular yard, this stuff diffuses through the environment so pretty much everybody's been exposed to pretty much everything. I mean, our parents were doused by DDT planes in their childhoods. Wait, that's sounding way grimmer than I intended it to -- what I mean is, exposure is usually diffuse and probably we're all just fine. You in particular, OD, are just fine.

Anyway, I'm so pleased to see that lots of people don't like pesticides; around here, it's easy to forget that there are plenty of reasonable folks. Ahhhh. Soothing. Thank you.

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