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I don't know how to do trackbacks yet, and I haven't the time to think up three questions at the moment, but I couldn't help giving you more kudos for yet another fabulous De La Soul quote.

I'll be back with the questions later.


eek! I can't figure it out either! I just get an error message...


Is this where we ask questions? Also I don't know how to do trackbacks, but I'll still copy and paste and junk in my journal and ask you 3 questions.

1.) Is it true you are a current nailbiter and at one time bit your toenails too?
2.) What musician would you have consensual (sic) sex with, but never-ever marry or fall in love?
3.) What is the one thing you really like about your body?

P.S. Hee hee at the first question:)


three questions you say, ok then.
1. Which is better, Simpsons or Family Guy.
2. In a fight to the death, who would win, a team of astronauts or a tribe of cavemen and why?
3. And have you seen that episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast with Michael Stipe?!(Freaky!)


okay, I'll do it, but you never gave ME my 3 questions...

1. As a kid, was there an adult in your life you wanted to be just like when you grew up? If so, describe that person.

2. Tell me a funny story I haven't already heard.

3. As a former church youth group attendee, what was the best thing about it? The worst?


Okay, if you can't do the TrackBack, don't worry about it, because obviously neither can I. Feh.


To do a trackback in Movable Type, you copy the link from trackback then when you are updating your own page you paste that trackback URL into the "URL's to Ping" section wherever it might be on your Movable Type.
As far as any other blog program I couldn't help you. I don't use them.


AFAIK, you can't do trackbacks the easy way with typepad unless you go Plus or Pro. There's a hard way to do it, involving setting up quickpost, but it's a pain in the ass. So, because I'm a dork and also lazy, I got Plus. Back soon with my ?s.


Three questions from me:
1. What should I wear to the Einsturzende Neubauten show on Friday? (I know, that's more about me than you, but I'm asking you because you're cool and you like glitter.)
2. If you had to buy a snack at a gas station and you only had $0.69, what would you buy?
3. What color are your toenails right now?


Oh, man, I just can't play this game. My questions would go waaaaay beyond toenails. Yikes.


1. Eat lunch in a room reeking with cheap perfume, or 30 minute bus ride squashed next to a guy with a hygiene problem?
2. New tatoo or new shoes?
3. Most embarrassing elementary school incident?


Me! I wanna pway! Can I still ask questions? I think I will steal this, if I may, too, it's fun.

1. What female would you "be with" if you HAD to be with a woman?

2. What is the dorkiest picture of you, and can we see it?

3. What's something you've done that you're ashamed of? (Or feel guilty about?)


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