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Maybe it would be a little less unsettling to think of it as Rice Krispies rather than microwave popcorn? I mean, yeah, they get all jiggy with it, but they don't rise in a mass and exit the cereal bowl ...
hth, as they say. mwah!


COOTERS! HA! It's true, them babies IS slippery, comin' outta da cooter canal.


Man, what a news-packed entry! I hope those elves get their shit right the first time around.

And as a Texan with a husband and inlaws from Buffalo, I appreciate the opportunities for accent play.


there was a guy running for office in richmond, va by the name of ben "cooter" jones. i wanted so to vote, simply because i wanted someone to call cooter.
and could you explain via email why the news from the doctor was good? i don't know much about these things.
your seester.


Ohhh, so THAT'S what "bling bling" means - the accented chatter of infertile New Joisey gals.


Ah-hee! My lemonade crystal light came pouring out my nose, thanks to your southern does of redneck hospitality!

Oh and you want I should break your right ovaries legs?


I believe you mean "Crystal Laht." And I am gleefully imagining my ovary on tiny insectlike legs. Naw, I think it'll be cool. That right tube, or the elves who live within, need to get with the program though. We aren't gonna HAVE this again.

Jo "Cooter" de la Leery Polyp


I'm still stuck back at wondering exactly how you discovered the contents of the Porn Dungeon. I've been wondering for years and my husband has always been extremely vague on the subject.

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