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Not being proud of you is not an option. *preening (I'd like to think I can take a little credit for your beautifully maturing inner queen bee, but candidly, I think you would be doing just as well without me. In that respect.)

Hey--you still haven't turned on the option for html in comments! give a girl a break!


Amazing how the asswipse of the world give us plenty of writing material, isn't it?


You have an autographed copy of "Southern Ladies and Gentlemen"? I am in awe.

Re the injections: I've just done a few weeks' worth and am now driving myself crazy waiting on the result. It gets better after the first few times; just jab that needle in as fast as you can; if you're slow it becomes exponentially more painful. Good luck, & hope you don't need to use up all your amps, if you know what I'm saying :).


KUDOS!!!! Excellent job of telling it to her like it is. One point for the home team.

Glad the needle didn't hurt!


Nice work! Glad to hear all went well.


Gameboy rules. I love Wario games! And I love that you were playing gameboy in the RE's office.

Good work with the injections--and the beyatchio nurse. Go Jo!


"Camp Seicook (that's "cookies" spelled backward)"

... um, no not quite. That would be Camp Seikooc. Do I win a prize?! :)



Yep, you win a Treasure Chest, made of a fast-food styrofoam container encrusted with plastic beads. You can keep your stamped leather bracelet from crafts in it!

See, this is why I quit Brownies.

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