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Oh, how I hate having to "wait and see" how things will turn up. Here's to hoping that you can just stay in your place for one more year... :-)


Ah, yes! Because there aren't enough uncertainties in your life!! Now you must worry about having to pack your belongings between shots (maybe injectables, maybe tequila...the future is uncertain).


You know, maybe I should just relax!


Exactly -- just relax... and you'll find yourself magically transported to a beautiful new home that costs half as much and has four times as much space. Sounds reasonable to me!

Julia S

I was muttering Oh dear, Oh dear until I got to the part about the dirt road/shack/Giganto-Christian-Lawn Display and then I shouted with joy! Jo, honey, you didn't say you were moving out by me!

We'll have a great time. The commute might be a little rough at first (you know, Minnesota and all) but it is mostly highway driving and you will LOVE those people down the road with the seven foot tall electric Nativity ...

Peaceful thoughts to you, my friend.

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