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Ah, another Pollyanna falls prey to reality. :)

You still sound right as rain to me, and I am so excited about the possibility of adoption for you! And if the RE doesn't like it, well you know where we send naughty REs...

Enough Already

First: I'm sorry your IUI didn't work. Second: What is it with some people (asswipes)? The exact same thing happened to me this week. I had the door closed to my own PERSONAL OFFICE when I was on the phone discussing the very personal details of a possible egg donor program when bitch secretary burst in. I told her I was on the phone. This did not disuade her. I had to actually tell her to shut the fucking door. Next time, it will be locked!


Ah, hell, you sound like a right fine weeble to me, love.

To me, it looks like the beginning is in sight: the beginning of your life as a parent. Congratulations to you and the scientist.


You will have a baby! Might be biological, might be adopted, but you will have a baby.



First of all, (and I know you know this) while you are both absolutely, mouth wateringly gorgeous to behold, that's not the important stuff. Your sharp wit, amazing sense of humor, compassion and thoughtfulness will all be the kinds of things your kid absorbs from having you as parents.

You WILL be a mama, and the BEST DAMNED MAMA I've ever known. Everything will be the way it's meant to be. I love you.


You will be wonderful parents. Congratulations to a plan!


I can't wait to hear about YOUR baby, in whatever way he or she is delivered to you. You will be a mother, and a mighty fine one at that.

Amy in Motown

Wonderful Amazing Jo, I have been in your shoes. Facing down those final IUIs even though I was ready to say "Fuck it" to the whole mess and concentrate on adopting, and knowing by ruling out IVF I was ruling out a choice a lot of people I respect and admire had made--would they look down on me for not going that far?
I think you know you're ready to adopt when it doesn't sound like a "second choice" or a bad thing, when you're as happy about the possibility of adoption as you are about the possiblity of being a parent thought bio-means. Sounds like you are there. You will be an incredibly kick-ass mother and I can't wait to see you get there ad follow your journey through the blog.


You will be a stunningly gorgeous mother, because you have a stunningly gorgeous soul. And I'll be compulsively checking your blog for updates, every step of the way.

Love you, girl.


I love weepy Jo and her sweet scientician. And I cannot wait to meet your child, the person the two of you create, however you come to parenthood. Because that kid, imbued with your humor, kindness, and capacity for love, is gonna have it goin' on.


Jo, sounds like we are in the same places right about now. I feel exactly the same as you do. Happy Birthday scientician. I will have to become fanatical about your blog (like i'm not already) as you start the process.


What Grrl said. You are a beautiful soul.



I hadn't checked in for awhile and I'm sorry about last week. But I echo the other thoughts. You and I will be moms. We will, we will.

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