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If I can work myself into exactly the same lather after only 2 months ttc, with no untoward fertility history--I can only imagine the amazing feats of acrobatic hyperactivity that your imagination must be subjecting you to. Kind of the mental equivalent of current midatlantic cicada activity, I suppose. Meh.

For all intents and purposes, there are no early signs of pregnancy, since any and all of them are identical to signs of un-pregnancy. The Infoholic Witch really loves this one, eh? So perverse! xoxox


My dear, my dear, Jilbur's right — there are no symptoms to look for, especially if you're on progesterone, which will fool you into believing whatever you'd like to believe. (Poof! I am a giant redwood, my branches susurrating gently in the northern California breeze!)

My trigger shot was only 5,000 units, so it's out of my system by now, but I will hold off until Thursday if you will. We can do trick-rodeo real-time synchronized stick-peein'.

The entrepreneur in me considers a pay-per-view webcam.


It's so cruel, the fact that PMS and early preg are indistinguishable. But then, you either get your period or you don't, you are either pregnant or you are not. Personally, I always wanted to be placed in a coma for the lag between trying and knowing. My conscious mind did me absolutely NO GOOD WHATSOEVER.


Oh, the lathering. You know, after 5 miscarriages I thought I'd _always_ know if I got pregnant. I knew when I wasn't pregnant ... IVF was a spectacular failure, but then I got pregnant for real -- it really happened after the doctors told me to stop trying and we started to look at adoption, I feel like a cliché -- and I didn't know til I was 7 weeks almost.

Anyway. Just wanted to say good luck.


Mollie said it better than I could!


Yes, I think a webcam is certainly warranted.

Man, a coma would be just about perfect right now -- fourteen days of suspended animation (heh)to prevent any untoward symptom analysis.

In the meantime I will entertain myself by logging the symptoms of having one's giant ovaries resting on one's uterus and/or bladder. Whee!


Don't you wish you could carry them around outside your body, like maybe in a cleverly fashioned basket?



What kind of freak are you?


Maybe a fashionable leather tote. I mean, baskets have all those unraveling ends, and potential for poking. Although that might be a relief.

At any rate, I think we must do Dueling Pee-Sticks.


A "sudden sharp pain"? A "dull ache"? Ha ha. It is to laugh.

Oh, sorry, we were talking about you here. Anyway, just wanted to tell you I'm thinking about you. I think a mandatory two-week coma sounds like a fine plan.


Jo, since I had every pregnancy symptom imaginable and yet am not pregnant, I think it's entirely reasonable for you to have no unpleasant symptoms whatsoever and be pregnant. You know, conservation of symptoms in the universe.


I agree with Moxie...and really, being pregnant without symptoms is tbe best of all worlds! I can't wait for you to know something (other than the EVERYHHING you already know) and there's that trip to Europe to keep your sprits up. Xo Lisa


Yesh, I had EVERY pregnancy symptom known to man (even threw up a couple cycles), and NE'ER did I see the double line. So I don't know whether symptoms count at this stage. But still, I troll those very unhelpful 2 ww pregnancy symptom boards and find such gems as "A hair grew out of my chin 2 dpo! That's never happened before! And then I POAS at 7 dpo and I was pregnant!" Ah, they all flay me.

Hula Doula

After our 4th miscarriage I found out that I had PCOS (polysistic ovarian syndrome) we were trying to get pregnant. I sought a fertility doctor and was given treatment first for the syndrome (took a month) and then for my ovaries that seemed to have gone on hiatus!
Then next month we got pregnant.
I can tell you that I didn't feel any different but every woman is different. I had zero morning sickness and no tenderness. I bought the store out of pregnancy sticks as well. On the 3rd one the double line showed. (third one's a charm!
I will just keep my fingers crossed for you.

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