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I'm so sorry. :( The way I always got through this was to think about how I can drink wine now. Healthy response, turning to alcohol? Probably not. But it helps.


Damn, woman. Even if you're happy, I'm sorry. I was still hoping.


Oh Jo, I'm so sorry. I've been medicating with a self-guided tour of red wine (or is it red whine?) regions of the world. Next stop: Bordeaux.


Hell, I'm sorry. Like Julie, I was hoping. Oh well - best of luck after you get home, and have a nice distracting vacation :).


I'm sorry. Should I send the barking bee-dogs after your doctor?


Jo, shit. I wanted it to work, dammit.

You sound good, though. Really good. Have a wonderful trip to Europe, love.


Hey, Jo, I'm sorry. I keep getting the hope knocked out of me.




you were right, i was wrong, now it's time to sing the "you were right" song......

feh, try again later. in the meantime, enjoy yourself thoroughly and without shame.
and if you want some company in your debauchery, i'm here at mom's house of crazies. give us a call.


Damn it, Jo. I'm sorry.


I am sorry. Kim and Lisa do have a point, now you can spend your Memorial Day weekend getting shnookered on some good wines. I am partial to the Moscato D'Asti. A nice white, Summer "sipping" wine as I like to call it (because I can drink a whole bottle). A little fruity with some fizz.


Fuck a duck. I'm so sorry, Jo.


So sorry. That sucks. But I do know the sense of relief you get, in a sick way its better than not knowing.

Very sorry. :(

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