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...Of course you do realize that the brand that dollar stores carry is very very insensitive, right? It's so insensitive that it would buy you a present IT wanted on YOUR dreaded big milestone birthday. It's so insensitive that it would ask out your roommate after you confessed your love for it. So insensitive it would ask "are you gonna eat that?" while you are crying over losing your job.

Mmmhmmm.. THAT insensitive.

Hula Doula

I hated the waiting! Patience was not my virtue that's for sure! I will keep my fingers crossed. Here's to hoping!


EWE! you are so bad! bad jo! too soon! now i'm going to be driven crazy every day, even more than i was, just thinking about your next test.....


Jo--I really can't recommend the Answer brand early detection tests enough (3 for $15.99 at my local Duane Reade). I got a positive on mine yesterday and (as you'll recall) the lab only registered an hCG level of 5.7. So, this is my current brand of choice.

I wish you the best of luck on Sunday and, of course, every other day.


Damn, and I went and bought the "Lingering Question" brand. Heh.

For the record, this morning was a resounding NO!!! as well. So that's good, means the shot's out of my system. At least according to Lingering Question One-Step Early Pregnancy Test.


well, if it makes you feel any better, I couldn't have waited either, in fact, I'd have run out and purchased a case of them and started testing upon my return home form the insemination. I am a freak like that. You, my dear, have shown amazing restraint...and of course, my hope addict is toiling away endlessly on your behalf.


You know, I hate to say it, but the way I'm feeling now I'm not even sure I'll bother with a stick. I am way pessimistic at the moment. I'm glad you're not!


Okay, here's a way to plan for the best AND stop the wanton urination: kegal exercises! That's right, STOP the flow of urine! You'll be preparing your pelvic floor for your inevitable pregnancy, keeping hope alive, and keeping yourself happily in the dark.

And I am available to administer a sharp blow to the head with an aluminum crutch should you choose to rest up in blithe unconsciousness until Sunday.


Well you've shown amazing restraint to wait this long before peeing on anything upon which a pink line might appear. It is too soon, but really, what else have you got to do but feed fuel on the fire of the burning question??


geezus. you know, if the thing is that you just really want to pee on stuff, you could do what mom did this morning at 5:30 and pee outside, in the bushes on the side of the house. yeah, dude. she totally did that. were the bathrooms available? uh huh.


See, you are such a better woman than I. I would NOT have gone to the dollar store, but rather bought all the available "Test 2 years before you even have sex" tests that cost $34 each.

At least you're frugal.


You did this because I made a snarky comment to you on email about how you were going to start peeing all over stuff on Thursday, and you wanted to spite me by taking it up even earlier. That's it--it's all about me.

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