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i've never cried at a blog like i did just now. such a dear see-see.

(that's sister, y'all)


You're both great.

Jo, I know just what you mean about the "physiological superfund site." ART is a huge physical undertaking, and wholly different from the physical changes that occur with pregnancy. It's hard to accept or reconcile at times, and especially given your "phoenix"-style health history.

Just take care of yourself, whatever way feels best. Take whatever breaks you need, embrace the unknown or set limits as you see fit. There is only one "right" way for you to go, and it's "Jo's way."

Blowing you kisses from BC


Dear Gretchen,

Please throw some of that crazy-ass wisdom my crazy-ass way.


P.S. to Jo: I wish I could take you for pancakes. On a bike. With a banana seat.


With Johnny Depp.


Johnny on the banana, or the banana in Johnny? Banana pancakes? Edward Pancakeshands? AHHHHHH MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED AHHHHHH


Miss Leery Polyp, put that shit down! It's too early to test and give up yet.

Hoping for the best.


Oh, Good. Julie's head exploded. Now maybe she'll succumb to that well-deserved coma she's got coming.


Whoa. That's some deep shit.

Damn, I knew I always wanted a sister for some actual reason.

She reminds me of Mollie with the zen-talk. You sound so good, Jo, and it makes me smile.

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