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ummm...there's something you should know. i'm pregnant with speck. i know, i know, it's crazy, right? but i'm delivering it tonight and i just think it was so crazy that you dreamed of it last night! damn, that just blew my mind, man.

anyway, i'm also doing a superb job of not getting my hopes up...if that means that i'm always thinking of you and sending the universe "you know it's jo's time, you KNOW it!" vibes. and the universe says..."i'm gonna!"


LM(very large)AO!!

Ok, not laughing at you of course, but at your dreams. I swear I have the same stupid dreams, its so annoying cos it just uses up all your energy and makes you damn tired.

Last night I dreamt that my cousins all had twins or triplets and my sister a singleton and they were all running around my house. And then my mom offered every one else a piece of cake except me because she said I am getting too fat. Then my boss told the whole class (?) that tattoos are disgusting? I got very upset about that. Oh and I got a new car.

Perhaps it is the progesterone? Or perhaps we are just odd.


Okay, so last night I dreamed that John Goodman was my dad, and while my mom was out doing something he was cleaning our new house. Mom came home with a breakfast pizza, which had four slices of the cinnamon sugar/apple pie filling variety, and then a couple with spinach, and then some cinnamon sugar with ONIONS.

I don't know what that means.

But I'm willing to wager that it is indeed the progesterone, endogenous or exogenous.


whoa, man. that is seh grehs. forgive me for sounding dumb, but could you define exogenous and endogenous for the class?


I have weird dreams too,the most recent of which included tornadoes, my mom being angry because I wouldn't take a NAP with her (?!), handicapped kids from the school I used to work at, flying elevators and explosions...and that was all in the same dream, mind you.

I am getting my hopes up, because damn it, it's so your turn. XO Lisa


Mamarama, I dream about tornados ALL the TIME.


Enough Already

I had a very similar dream with my 2nd pregnancy. I gave birth to a baby, it was in a child sort of seat, and then it hopped out as my cat Webster. I miscarried that pregnancy. Oh well, fucked up dream, fucked up pregnancy.

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