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Julia S

Go! Go!



I am cheering you on.


I, too, have greasy eyelids as a rule.

I was thinking about you at the beach today, and sent a little prayer out to the gentle waves coming ashore, and the distant mountains, too. A baby for Jo, I intoned, without sound.

Me and my big, fat, round hope.


Wishing you all the best. I am 5 days ahead of you in my cycle, had my iui on 5/12. I loved your "too shy, shy, hush hush iui" line. very funny. i enjoy reading your blog. good eggs and luck to you!


I've lost track--when do you test?


I'm wishing you the best, Jo!


I've got my fingers, toes, and my naturally extreme Juggz crossed for you!


I just came across your website, very funny! Greasy eyelids sounds eerily familiar. I just try to tell msyelf I will develop fewer wrinkles.

Good luck!


Dear Ms. Vander Leery Polyp,

I regret to inform you of impending litigation. I have contacted my attorney and have been advised that I do have legal recourse regarding the incessant repeating in my head of "Too, shy, shy. Hush, hush. IUI." I will seek the maximum penalty due to the fact that I cannot even remember the real words of the song and have been forced to repeat your version for the past two days. Nonstop. Thank you very much.


I love it when I get all bloaty from injects. Then I can pretend that I am pregnant, just for a wee bit, and wear all those pregnant type hippie shirts I stocked up on and can't ever get to wear. I hope the bloat stays with a vengeance for nine more months or so.


yeah, that song keeps looping in my head....
and what ARE the real words? how long did it take you to come up with that? and are there any more words to the song than just that little bit? maybe i've only heard the chorus....i'm only writing in your comments because you haven't posted a new blog and i'm bored.


Hi Jo - I have just discovered your blog, and (as a tragic '80s teen) your Kajagoogoo reference has won my eternal devotion. (Come on, guys - surely you remember Limahl??? Oh dear...I am starting to have scary high school flashbacks now...).

Very, very best wishes, Jo. I will now proceed to stay up way too late checking out your fabulous blog, and will be lurking daily, hoping for great news.


I'm pretty sure those are the real words to that song.

No? Well, what are they, then, smart ladies? Huh?

I'll be testing sometime around Memorial Day. We're far, far away from there right now. Okay, eleven days. But it seems like a million years.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my various ovary twinges, my bloat that rises and falls like the tide, and the words of all you well-wishers.

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