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<> "Those were the days!"


Are you greasy, too? I am so oily I'm sliding slowly from my chair even as I type this.


My GOD I'm greasy. I've started washing my face with undiluted peppermint Dr. Bronner's, and it's *still* slick as a porn star's junk fifteen minutes later.

Doesn't help that it's ninety degrees here, but even in the climate-controlled comfort of work, I look like I've lubed up my face with Astroglide.

(Porn porn porn! Porn sex sex! Ron Jeremy! Tina Cheri!)


I am hurrying over to Google to check out "Dr. Bronner's"+peppermint+"Astroglide".

Dilute! Dilute! Okay.


right along Julie's lines, I am fully expecting you to have much more interesting Google hits in the future on the basis of this post alone. Perhaps a 'pearl necklace' will feature in there as well--though who knows, you might just catch a naive ZZ Top fan.


Therein lies the magic of Typepad -- I am ungoogleable! HA!! Your nefarious plans are foiled!

For we're All One or None!

Exceptions eternal?

Absolute NONE!


Don't drink soap! Keep out of eyes! Implant! Implant! OK!

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