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There's always sex and poop. Now that is a brilliant philosophy right there.

There isn't a one among us who hasn't found themselves inside a black hole. We understand when it grabs you. It's ironically healthy to get into once in a while, because like a real black hole, it is constantly emitting parts of you back into the universe. Eventually you are back out of it and start putting the pieces back together, hopefully lighter the emotional sludge that caused us to be sucked into it in the first place. I hope your process is smooth.

What kind of "stage" name would suit body acne porn? Pus-y Galore? Poppin LaJoya? Bianca Blemish? Ok, I'm tapped out.


Count me in!

I love the names suggested by Mrs. Drab.

I'll even shave some of that ass hair for the occasion.


oh, bitch, you cain't touch my proactiv. i'm using it on myyyy ass zits.
CLITS AND ZITS!!!!!!!! tee hee.


Ah, Jo. I just love ya. Assne and all.


Assne. Love it.

Jo, when you're all done with treatment, whatever the outcome, you'll be on to parenthood in one form or another (lack of sex and preponderance-sp?- of poop) and I wish for you many other life-affirming, soul-developing experiences beyond infertility, which I am absolutely sure you will have.

Someday, some way we have to meet. I wish it could be today.

Loving you from cool and cloudy BC.

Brooklyn Girl

I wish you rest and good cheer.


Yep, this is exactly how was feeling when we stopped ART a year and a half ago: so overwehlmingly, fucking tired. And I thought I would feel that way until the day I died... but it does get better, really.

Sending you lots of good, restful, rejuvenating thoughts .

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