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Hey, I love you, you big, stupid, stupidhead. that picture of you and Sean is MASSIVE. I couldn't even see the entire thing on my dinky screen, and yes, that would have to be the scariest mannequin in Hungary, if not the entire universe.

I'm gonna go have some mannequin nightmares, now, thanks. XO


You can get rid of the residual smell of pee by using vinegar, then all you have to do is mop up the vinegar.


Jo, quit sniffing the toilet.
Love, Danae


Toilet sniffer.

Punk ass.

You left your keys on the car??? HA!

D. pees on the toilet too. AND the floor. And yes, that mannequin is terrifying.

Love, Pam


Aw, damn -- the picture thing isn't a problem on my computers -- will fix it tonight. Although I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to look at my glasses life-size.

And, you know, it's not like I'm bent over the commode inhaling deeply. The stink wafts up and it can't be stopped! We clean with white vinegar, we scrub with Bon Ami, once in a while I even use bleach, but to no avail. I suspect the thing has reflux.


Oh my what is it about guys and pee all over the place!? My man does this too and doesn't seem to notice the pee splashing on his feet while he's standing there doing his business and I come along later to then step in it! I dig that they are standing and thus splash happens, but DUDE, WIPE IT UP!


Ok, now I'm scarrd for LIFE by that freakish mannequin, so THANKS for THAT!


dude, that mannequin is scary. And as someone who was forced to go the "that Phish show" with her husband, I resent that comment! Not really though. I do feel pretty stupid, but I think it was the brownies.

Tracy B.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Scary mannequin--scary, scary! I don't want bad dreams about the mannequin!!

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