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now I am hopping b/c of the happy reference to prefrontal cortex in the post! Later, I will hop some more about the adoption & possibly dance with the dog to Talking Heads. And now you know how I spend Friday night...

one more nod to the ever-monitoring PFC, and I am out.


Oh, Sean, I know you are married already, but I love you.

I love Jo, too, and she's married, you know.

Hey! Wait! Maybe you both could marry us and we could be, like, a foursome, and play 4-handed Scrabble every night after the kids go to bed.

Because I was awesome at word games when I was 8, too. And I still sort of sometimes kick ass even though I peaked early.


Well, actually, you can still wow the crowds -- and do so, almost daily, in this very space. I'm in awe.


Dear Jo,

I am sorry about your anthrax. I hope your skin does not slough off in great palm-sized sheets.


P.S. to Mollie: Commune. Canada. Now.


We're eyeing some property in the mountains up-island a bit that has its own water source. I'll let you know when we're ready to start constructing the yerts (yurts?).

Meanwhile, everyone's invited to my house for pancakes. Wear your wide-elastic waist pants!


Yurts! Scrabble! Awesome women in comfy clothes! Where do I sign up??

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