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One of your list items should have been that you're good at being honest to yourself and in your writing. That's what makes you such a good writer. I hope you get that book out of your head and on to paper soon.

Kim C.


You had perfected the art of transforming dorkiness into extraordinary grace, beauty, wit and devastating sex appeal. Also? You're the best downright friend any girl could have. love you endlessly ...


And now I love you even more.


So many feelings of sisterhood with you, my beloved Jo. And I'm not just saying that because you made me say it.

But I still maintain that I'm a bit wary of subjecting my whoopie to anything related to the production of insecticide.


I feel a girly moment coming on... tissues please... I am enormously moved and challenged by so many of the items in your top hunnert but the one that stands out for me, and touches me places that people seldom touch is number 83. We may be related.


What's to forgive? You're awesome.


just found your blog today and your list of a hunnert things has convinced me that YOU. ROCK.

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