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I love it! Now go put those earrings on and post a picture of that!

Brooklyn Girl

Sorry about the wasps, but I *love* the new 'do. Look out Juliet Binoche.


Love the new do. Thanks for your blog, you say what we all feel.


LOVE the haircut. Do you think it would be too Single White Female to copy you?? :)


Gorgeous, Honey Lamb, gorgeous. Sorry about the wasp stings.


*ahem* Dear readers: I was actually on the phone with her when she got the stings! My fifteen minutes, come and gone, just like that.
Jo, you stuck-up slut, you are ridiculously sex-ay with that haircut. Like, you could get a moving violation for excessive sex-ay in a flaccid zone.


Stunning. Absolutely stunning.


I'm so sorry about the wasps but MAN-OH-MAN are you a Hottie McHotstuff!

Anna H.

Love the haircut!

And I'm with Sherry on this one -- Hottie McHotstuff!!!!


Good lord girl but you are fucking gorgeous.


DAAAAAAAAAAMN GIRL!!!! *snap* Looking good! Is that a real "come-hither" look or is that Benedryl-drunk?

Fucking wasps, anyway.


The 'doo rocks!


It's true, Jilbur was RIGHT THERE to hear the bafflement, the ensuing shrieks of realization.

And that look on my face in the picture is due to the horrendous cold/sore throat thing I have going on.


Oh my God. That's actually one of my phobias/paranoid fantasies - a wasp in my pants, stinging away. (And no, Julie, that is not some Freudian crap - I actually saw it happen once, and the memory has stayed with me! Sheesh). I'm so sorry you had to live it. SO SO SORRY. SO FREAKY DEAKY SORRY. SO SAD 4 YOU + YOUR PANTS.


Holy crap, you're gorgeous! I hadn't seen a picture before. It figures the outside would match the smart, funny, sexy inside. :)

Amy in Motown

Gorgeous--and I want the haircut too!! How do you get a stylist to do that without adding in a bunch of stupid layers?


I love you, and now I have a face to put in my fantasies. *Muahhhhhh*

sorry about those friggen wasps.


Now how super most excellent is that haircut?!

Wait, wait, I know! Entirely!

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