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This is beautiful, and I hope you write it out so she can read it on a regular basis.


Wonderful! Congratulations Auntie!


Congratulations to the Leery family!

Wait... you feed the dog the umbilical stump?


Well, it's more like the stump fell off and the dog got to it first.

I don't see why that couldn't just...happen again.


Your wishes for your niece brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful words! Congratulations Auntie Leery!


Congratulations, Aunt Jo (rhymes with Aunt Flo).

A beautiful post. My God, how time flies. Seems like yesterday you posted about the news of her being pregnant, and here there's a niece already. Wow.

Hope all fevers subside and mom and babe can get down to the brass tacks of living out your lovely projections.

A kiss to you, my dearest Polyp.


Polyp, I love you. COngrats on your new auntie status.


MMMMmmmm...yes, the batter with raw eggs. Generations of moms couldn't be wrong about that, right? (OMG, what if THAT'S why we're all having fertility problems - ???)

I'm going to have to make some batter to eat raw just to get past that cord-eating dog image, though. (Gaaaaah!)


Hey, you too?! Congrats from one proud Auntie to another.
Love, Hot Pocket


YAY! I was just thinking about this particular baby the other day...I'm glad she's here. What a beautiful name, and what a very lucky girl, to have you and Gretchen for aunties!

lobster girl

That was reaaaally beautiful. Please save that. Your niece will feel special and loved when she sees that post.

lobster girl

Oh, and GO RED SOX. Yay!

Amy in Motown

Congratulations, Aunt Jo. I became an aunt in the midst of our fertility struggles and it's a bittersweet experience, but wonderful, on balance. Mine is a nephew and child of my only brother, and to see the cute little face I remember my brother having on a whole new little person is incredible. Plus he's just so much FUN. Enjoy it!


There's a terrific amount of knowledge in this atrlice!

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