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Dude. I've never posted here, but...

Can I be your best friend?

Because I got to the exact same place after rejecting any possibility of Catholicism. Spooky.

Amy in Motown

Good ost. And I was going towrite this ong drawn out response about my own faith life, but remembered "Hey! That's why I got a blog!"
So, time to come out as a feminist pro chse gay friendly Catholic. I'll let you all know how the excommunication goes...


I think I want to be you when I grow up. Only, with the still being me part.


Uh-huh, yeah, that about covers it, I'd say.

Can I get an AY-MEN?


Beautifully said. I must print this so that whenever I have a hard time defining my spiritual leanings, I can just hand someone a copy of this. "Here ya go!"


Amen! I'm another convert. I was just discussing the same thing with my husband last night. Why does Christianity seem to miss Christ's message entirely? Where is the LOVE?

Love your blog. You rock woman.


AY-MEN!!! Exactly...what you, and everyone else is saying. Technically, I call myself a Christian, because I believe in the teachings of Christ, but I in no way associate myself w/the bible thumpers.

I think, I too, will print it out for people....

Great post, Jo.


Yeah, I'm in a similar place. And I grew up in a scary Southern Fundamentalist church. We're talking laying on of hands, speaking in tongues here, people. Ok, we did stop short of snake handling.

It was a hard thing for me to let go of that indoctrination and think for myself, and I still struggle with it (that and the guilt, oh my God, the guilt!) I really admire your ability to make peace with it.


I'm a pagan (no crystals or dragons, though, but I'd could probably scare up some, uh, pagan-y scarves or something? And I've got kohl for my eyes and big silver earrings, would that help?), but I too don't understand how the church has drifted so far from Jesus' message.

Uh, yeah, that's basically all I wanted to say...and to reiterate that TATU's version of that Smiths song totally rocks. :p


You made my day. Can you come talk to my mother for me?


Jo -- You practice your faith every day by sharing your loving, kind and generous heart with all of us. Thank you for trying to make sense of the world with all the pain, loss and longing we experience through IF.

AmyinMotown -- I am a feminist pro-choice lesbian Catholic. Well, soon to be ex-Catholic. Still waiting for that postcard from the Pope. Seriously, what does a girl have to do around here to get excommunicated?! Is there a hotline or something?


I am also a former southern Presbyterian (PCUSA, not PCA). I had nothing to rebel against just unfortunately became good friends with a Sikh, a Jew, and a Hindu, all who are better people than I am. I'm in the, "If I had to choose, I'd choose Christianity, because I buy into his teachings", but "If you say I'm going to heaven, and Gandhi is going to hell, then I'm outta here."

*sigh* I guess I'm just waiting for another reformation. Martin Luther was one cool cat.



Ah, the Church. When did it go wrong? Well, frankly, I think it started with Paul. That dude had so many issues, he had subscriptions.

You guys are all so *nice*! Jeez! Thank you!

Although I must admit I was half-hoping for a good burn-at-the-stake. I mean, it's chilly here!


I'm right there with you--used to be Catholic, tend now towards Wicca, and I HATE the fluffy bunny-humpers that go around giving themselves "usenames" that sound like a bad comic book. So I celebrate the holidays and hang out the woods and help raise a stone circle and meditate and keep trying to think in interconnectedness. It's fun being us.

Oh, and in the morass of stupid pagan books, I found a really cool one the other day: Dianne Sylvan's The Circle Within. It's about creating a Wiccan spiritual practice (not about spells or rituals or anything else). If you're into that, it's a great read.




I am also a pagan, and a former Catholic. I don't have anything with a dragon on it, but I could give you this really cool fish-shaped piece of coral that I have.

Anyway, I had a rather dramatic fall, but I agree with much of what you said. I have also wondered where it all went wrong and it has taken me back to Paul. It had to be him, who in their right minds would want to be Pope?


Though Paul was a jackass and a misogynist, I really think that St. Augustine takes the "Whose Fault is This Dogma, Anyway?" prize. I mean, the Council of Nicea comes along and chops up the book to suit the dominant politics of the day, but St. Augustine gets to interpret that in his "the entire physical world is eeevil, but ESPECIALLY women" stance.


Oh yes..."His Life." If it hadn't been for the adorable guitar playing boys, I'd have been out of there a lot sooner. That said, as soon as I realized that their whole Jesus thing meant that I wouldn't be getting it on with any of them (damn that "true love waits" bullshit) I was out.

I'll send you some dragons. XO


whoa, I posted something which was almost the same on my blog earlier this evening. Hmm. I don't have a problem with anything the bible says but I have a HUGE problem with the people who practise it and demand that you conform to their idea of the 'ideal christian' in order to not go to hell. Whatever happened to beign saved by Grace?

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