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"ah! Jesus and Mary Chain! That fucking-- Who left this here?"

& now it is time for my bedtime peanut butter and hiney sammitch.


Jo, there is just so much about you to love.

I'll write more about that later, now I have to go watch the rebroadcast of an ornery evil white man getting paddle-spanked.


Jesus & Mary Chain? The Poster Children! Oh. Oh my. I have music in common with a 27 year-old. Either you are super cool, or I'm still kinda cool, or I'm just a big fat old dork who's gettin way too excited over nothing.

BTW, when you spoke of Chaos, I thought for sure that you were going to refer to AB Chao ( who also writes a funny and clever blog I read. Not affiliated with her or anything, I just like her sensibility a lot (as well as yours).

Did that mean old Dick remind anyone else of Monty Burns or is it just me?


Paddle-spanked? Did I watch the same debate?

They both bummed me out. Dick is just simply frightening in his slickness and his refusal to answer the question that is asked of him; Edwards is like a goofy, friendly dog trying to pretend to guard the house, half-heartedly barking but still wagging his tail.

And yes, Kimm, Mr. Burns is right. Mr. Burns with broader shoulders. Good lord, the man makes Richard Nixon look like the poster child for good posture.


Yes, Mr. Burns indeed. But there was one brief moment where Dick, in his 30-second rebuttal period, could only mutter, "Hmrmr record speaks fritself. Hmph."

Wait, here's a quote from Salon: "Edwards launched a withering attack on Cheney's record in Congress, noting that he'd voted against Head Start, against a prohibition on plastic weapons that can pass through metal detectors, against the Department of Education, against Meals on Wheels, against a holiday for Martin Luther King and against a resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela. Cheney's response: Edwards' 'record speaks for itself. And frankly, it's not very distinguished.' "

Therein lay the paddle-spanking. Though I will grant that the rest of it was kind of...meh.

And yes, how could I forget AB Chao? She is, of course, invited for Thickburgers as well.


How do you spell divorce?



I like "get your list on."

Anyway, I've realized that the children are going to hate ME, which leads me to this foolproof plan. If your children ever develop the nascent and ill-informed idea that they hate you, just come on over here for an afternoon of neuroses and Quorn. Your children will leave my house clinging to your side, thanking the heavens that I'm not their mom. Problem solved! Problem solved by the greater hateability of me!

Amy in Motown

I now have my "I am not so unhip" validation of the day, given that I am much older than you, and OWNED the first Jesus and Mary Chain album on VINYL. I was cool once, really.

Two questions:
Can I party with you? Especially with the strangling and the wordplay?

And what music should I be listening to now? Our local NPR station plays some cool stuff but is also so pretentious it makes me want to never give them money ever agin.


Um, yeah, I was cool once too. But it was a long time ago.

The kids today seem to dig the Postal Service, though. Oh, and can I say enough good things about The Shins?

No. No I can't.

In closing I would like to say: Party at my house. But nobody better bring Quorn. Because if I'm going to eat fungus, it should have been grown in a forest, or a dark PF Tek aquarium, not some VAT. VAT FUNGUS, that's what Quorn is.

Look at me, driving up my own comment count. Won't somebody save me from myself?

Stay in school, kids.


Heeeeeeyyoujustwaittaminutenow, I lurve Tatu's version of 'How Soon Is Now', which is also, incidentally, the only Smiths song that I really, really, really like.

I'm with you on the Quorn, though, that stuff's scary. Besides the whole flatulence issue...


mmm....a peanut butter an hiney sammitch. gotta get me one now.


"That the dog will bite the social worker"

What if she deserves it?


Dude, Orodemniades, Tatu? Seriously? 'Cause I saw that shit go down live on eastern European MTV, and somewhere Morrissey went home and he cried and wanted to die.

I mean, more than usual.

But I will defend -- to the double-decker bus crashing into us -- your right to like it.


Dude, Jesus and Marychain ROCKS. And yes, I love Just Like hiney. I fell asleep to that and Tones On Tail all the time in college, dude. Sebadoh--uh, got every album. So there. Smash your Head was not that good an album, you're right. Morrissey's "I wear black on the outside, cause black is how I feel on the inside" was my senior picture quote. How punk rock is that?

See, I knew we were secret twins.

As far as the adoption stuff goes, you are in such a better emotional place than me. I wish you'd bottle up some of that good stuff and pass it along, yo. Although it might be illegal, and I'm a teacher and all, I could sure use a hit.

Lurve you, muchly. This was FUNNY, and raw, and so cool. You are so much my hero.


Yup, the putting together of anything requiring instructions = a potential trip to divorce court.

And I‘m afraid that it will take forEVer, the choking of idiots not adoption.

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