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I used to have pit stains...horrible, horrible, horrible, embaressing pit stains. I couldn't wear what I wanted etc etc...then my friend told me about the antipersperant "Certain Dri" Miracle stuff! I haven't had a pit stain in over 8 months! WOW! Just thought I'd share...:)


Brooklyn Girl

Honey--You're still one of the coolest chicks I know. If not THE coolest. Can't wait to hear about the scoial worker's visit.


I have to admit it. The thing that made me laugh the hardest is the attempt to pretend you're not peeing and in fact changing a pad. Why is this so funny to me? Because I would rather be heard peeing than have anyone think I'm CHANGING A PAD> OH HELL!

Anna H.

Good God yer funny, especially the part about the pee and all your special pad tricks...

But please post soon! I don't want to stay up all night long hitting refresh!



First of all, I disagree on several counts, but I've seen your pit stains personally.

your voice though? Really, it's one of the most soothing sounds I can think of. How could you say it's dorktacular? I'm baffled by this.

I'm glad it went well, I was just about to e-mail you. I'll leve you alone and wait for the updte.




snort, **wipe tears**

Jo - I love you all the way from South Africa. Congratulations on being approved!

****sniggers...PIT STAINS!***



Do you know, I have been reading your blog every day for a month now (literally - I hit refresh ATLEAST twice a day to check for newbies) and i have only just noticed that your pic at the top of the page is a syringe, not a smoke/ciggarette. A SYRINGE!



I realize Mandy pretty much said it already, but how in the hell is changing a PAD less embarrassing than peeing?


Approved - your coolness had been confirmed by the authorities:) Congratulations!


1. I recently had to upgrade to Secret Platinum, as the regular Secret wasn't getting the job done. I'm not sure the Platinum is, either. All of this explains why I didn't do well in the South, where women don't sweat.

2. I remember very little of Derrida, which is most troubling because not only was I a philosophy major, but Derrida played heavily in my senior thesis.


Changed my mind. No trip out East. Un-cool might be catching.

As if.

Stop trying to change my mind! I said I LOVE YOU! I'm not going to STOP!


Your hopelessly square friend

Mollie <-- not Lou Reed


Oo, evil pit stains. Mine used to be bad before I discovered the joys of depilation and the Pit Rok, y'know, the crystal deoderant thing? Now I never have stains, from neither my pits nor the anti-perspirant, yay!

But, dude, how can changing a pad be less embarassing than peeing?


Oh, and Boston rawk.


Jo says she's not cool .... LA,LA,LA,LA,LA what? I can't hear you.

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