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This post rocks. I like how you cook and I am absolutely stealing
If you can get one from your local organic farm, so much the better, and then you can act all Mother Earth News about it.


I'm so sorry you can't find either! My problem, I'm sure is different from yours, but still...what IS a girl to do.

As for the hairdresser...I do LOVE the idea about the brochure.

And, for the pumpkin soup...I am so trying that this week. I had pumpkin soup on my honeymoon for the first time, and I swear, I licked the bowl clean. YUM!!!

Oh, and you rock...just thought I'd throw that in there.


And she makes squash soup, too.

Be mine, Jo Valentine.


can i come to your house for supper? i can bring what's left of the batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies i made yesterday!

malls make me hate america, too.


I wish I could run into you randomly so I could NOT say all the boring, treadworn crap about adoption and you could NOT say all the boring, treadworn crap about having twins and then we could have a secret pinky shake and skip on down the street.


Wow, that is just the most awesome soup recipe! I started reading it thinking "not more bloody pumpkin" (my fiance is a Kiwi, with a pumpkin fetish - we feed it to animals in this country), and kept reading... wow, bacon'n'maple syrup-goodness!! Will have to try that (though I may have to skip the bacon as the 'other' is a veggie). I've got a fab stem-ginger gingerbread recipe if you want a recipe swap :D Only drawback is that you have to wrap it up and leave it for 3 days - it's currently sitting in the cupboard taunting me, saying "only 1 more daaaaayyyyyyy..." ;)

The trick with the trousers/pants is when you find a pair you like, BUY TWO. I very rarely find any trousers I like (being a shortarse), and after several episodes of NOT finding any nice pairs, I doubled up with my last pair and am so pleased. I do it with shoes too...


Okay, Cheese pumpkin? Wow. I didn't know that existed. Cheese SHOULD be on everything, though. Cheese cereal, cheese mashed potatoes, cheese brownies. Yummmm.

Also, yes about the adoption thing. I'm tired of it already, and I am just starting.

And one more thing, because I'm all about things. How do I vegetarianize this recipe? What would be your suggestion, since bacon is not something I would eat, ever?

Big cheesy smooches to you.


I hate malls too. I enter feeling fairly calm, self-assured, although loathing whatever event calls me to this hellhole of existence. By the time I reach my car, I am Mr. Hyde, my knuckles dragging the ground and one of many dingy blonde hobags stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I have to scrape her off because I don't want that crap in my car, no matter how feral I've become. Y'know?


Ah, so simple to vegetarianize. Simply substitute a few tablespoons of oil (I would use canola or something light-flavored like almond, rather than olive) for the bacon fat.

Oh, and I regret to inform you: a cheese pumpkin does not actually involve cheese.

And finally: recipes are *always* welcome. As are dinner guests.


How did the haircut turn out?
The soup sounds delicious. If only I were ambitious enough to cook something with more than 2 steps and 3 ingredients.


Kristine, for a minute I was all like, "How the hell did you know I got a haircut?"

Yeah. And this is *after* coffee.

On first pass it was a bit asymmetrical, so I had to return the next day to a very apologetic hairdresser who fixed me up in no time. Now it (the hair) looks kind of 1920s bob, above chin length, slightly angled. Stylin' for sure. Thanks for asking!


Thank the gods for that link, cuz I was like, what the hell is a cheese pumpkin?

Must make that soup, however...


hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while now, quite enjoying it. I was intrigued by your soup recipe, so I tried it out. So far it has met with rave reviews. :-) Thanks for the entertainment and the awesome recipe...

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