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So true, so true. And what a lame acupuncturist, thank god you dumped her.

There's a new fertility clinic in my city that is independent and actually not connected to any hospital. I've heard it's really swank and spa-like. Maybe they're finally understanding that we'll feel a lot better about shelling out thousands of dollars if they are nice to us.


Really, the doctor actually knew more than you? Reeeally? Really truly?

I have one of those swank purposebuilt clinics. Very swish, especially compared to being in antenatal wards and things.


OK, I had to pipe up on this one, even though I'm one of those silent lurker types. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time "talking to my vagina" or whatever Dr. Northrup is all about. I really don't think my PCOS is caused by repressed memories of sexual abuse. I'm pretty sure it's caused by f'd-up hormones and aggravated by, well, everything. And I've tried visualizing my hoo-ha becoming more receptive to a baby, but so far it's not working too well.

Sounds like a mega-lame acupuncturist. Once she got a little dose of fertilitis, she blacked out the bad times.


Oh Jebus please tell me that's not her PCOS theory.

I specifically avoided opening her latest edition -- Now With More PCOS! -- for fear of what horrendous idiocy might spew right out of the book.

It seems my fears were well-founded.

I mean, God, does she think diabetes is caused by distant relationships with one's maternal grandmother?


My acupuncturist, Dr. NasTea (a pun on her personality and that shitty tea I have to drink) also tells me it's my attitude. Yeah, she's also the same bitch who told me that I was an easy case. Eight months later and nothing to show for it, she's not saying that anymore. Now, she just keeps saying, "Oh, but you miscarriage" since I did NOT get pregnant three months later like I was supposed to (I mean, that's what happens to everyone, right? We all know that if you miscarry, it's the law that you get pregnant three months later with a healthy baby). I've got appointments set until December and then my New Year's resolution is to dump her. Yeah, it's all my attitude, I WANTED my FSH to shoot up prematurely, because I understand that's all the rage these days. Tools, every one of them.


Nah, I don't think Christiane's theory on PCOS is quite what I stated, but she does have the typically simplistic advice: "Lose weight, Tubby, by never eating another carton of yogurt, candy bar, or potato again in your life. Everything will be better!" While this might be one bit of medically sound advice, it's also ridiculous.

And you had to bring up the maternal grandmother issue...sniff sniff.


Maybe you could blast zee akyoopuhncturist viss za layzer instead? (very lame German accent...)

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